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Motion Picture Academy Moves Up Board Meeting to Discuss Will Smith Oscars Slap

New developments in the Oscarslap scene and heard around the world as Chris Rock was spotted out that’s Chris out solo in New York, looking somber as the Academy moves up its board meeting to address possible consequences for Will, the new date Friday morning at 09:00 A.m. So why the change? Well, Et has obtained this letter to the board of governors explaining, quote, Following Mr. Smith’s resignation of his Academy membership, suspension or expulsion are no longer a possibility. Keep my wife’s name out.

What are the possible consequences? Will could be banned from attending the show for a certain amount of years. They could also vote to make him ineligible for future Oscars. Will Smith the out of it. And here’s a wild twist.

Turns out any one of the celebrities at the Dolby Theater who witnessed the slap could have called for a Citizen’s arrest on Will. We spoke this morning to criminal defense attorney Robert Hancock. The flap in question would be considered a misdemeanor battery in California. Anyone who witnesses can detain someone so that the police can arrest them. The police would then have authority under the law to make that arrest.

It’s unlikely Will would get his Oscar taken away, but that’s exactly what Chris Rock’s brother is calling for. Kenny Rock says the slap is hard to watch. Quote, It eats at me, watching it over and over again because you’ve seen a loved one being attacked and there’s nothing you can do about it. He also says if Chris knew that Jada had Alopecia, he wouldn’t make a joke about that, but he didn’t know. As for Will’s state of mind heading into Friday’s hearing, a source tells Ethe is aware of the backlash that has surfaced, especially from the comedian community.

But his close friends are still privately texting him and trying to be there for him. Okay, but this surely can’t help. Jada’s 29-year-old former lover, August Alcina, appears to address her affair on a new single he just dropped.

Although a lot of folks are speculating, August’s use of the phrase tangled up is an obvious reference to this. I got into a different kind of entanglement. And entanglement. Yes. A relationship.