Nanny Maria Claps Back at Meghan Markle for Mistreating Kate: Sworn Testimony Reveals Princess Room Sneak

Tensions between Meghan Markle and Princess Catherine have been simmering since Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. Allegedly, there was an infamous incident when Meghan claimed that Catherine made her burst into tears just days before her wedding at St. George’s Chapel.

Five years later, their relationship is still making headlines, and Meghan believes that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not taken responsibility for their actions.

According to an unnamed source quoted by the Mirror, Meghan feels that they never apologized or faced any criticism for the way they treated her when she was part of the royal family. Despite the hype around their various projects and public appearances, Meghan was convinced that the public would be on her side regarding the feud with the firm, but that hasn’t been the case.

On the other hand, Nanny Maria Theresa Turian Barello revealed that Princess Kate suffered a lot due to Meghan’s actions but didn’t retaliate against her. Meghan was said to have sneaked into Kate’s office and taken photos of her children’s room, and there were also allegations of mental mistreatment and swearing.

The continuous negativity and PR clapbacks from Meghan have not been beneficial for her image. Despite trying to emulate Kate’s appearance and style, many believe that Meghan cannot compare to the future queen on the world stage in terms of social influence and impact.

The latest video release shows Meghan attempting to portray herself in a noble and pure manner, but it comes across as pretentious and unnatural. Some speculate that there may be deeper issues behind closed doors, and Meghan’s behavior seems to indicate a strong self-hate.

The feud between Meghan and Kate continues to draw attention, with conflicting accounts and ongoing public scrutiny.