Natalie Portman found her husband with a 25-year-old lover

The protagonist of Black Swan and Star Wars is not going through the best moment for her with her husband and she made a drastic decision.

Natalie Portman is not going through the best moment of her in love with her. It was recently revealed that the actress discovered her husband with another woman and that this led to a forceful reaction. Although they try to rebuild the relationship, the marriage would be almost over.

Benjamin Millepied’s infidelity rumors are not new news, for a long time it has been reported that the choreographer was not a great supporter of monogamy, despite having committed himself before God and the United States to the protagonist of Black Swan.

As often happens with well-known personalities, the 41-year-old artist’s scandal echoed around the world. Although for the moment he decided not to comment on it, it was known that he made a decisive decision about the future of her companion in love.

According to the North American media Page Six, the interpreter of Padme Amidala in the second Star Wars trilogy decreed: “They have not separated and they are trying to resolve things. Benjamin is doing everything he can to get Natalie to forgive him. He loves her and her family.”

Both protagonists know that the most affected are their children, who should not even be involved in big disputes, so they try to handle the situation calmly and carefully: “She is incredibly reserved. Right now, the biggest goal of hers is to protect the children.”

The supposed third in contention would be Camille Étienne, a 25-year-old activist, who is a person very close to the native of Stockholm, Greta Thunberg. They have audiovisual productions together on the importance of the military on the ecological causes that terrify the planet Earth.

In theory, Portman discovered the Millepied affair last March, but it was never made public. Although everything got worse when Benjamin continued in contact and had casual encounters with the aforementioned European woman, according to the magazine.