Natalie Portman revealed her biggest beauty secret

Natalie Portman looks radiant at 41 years old and she shows that the passage of time did not play any tricks on her.

Natalie Portman is one of the most talented actresses in the film industry. She began her career when she was only 12 years old and her great perseverance and professionalism allowed her to win the four most important awards for the same film, something unusual in Hollywood. It was all thanks to her work in Black Swan, which led her to win the Oscar, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Over the years, the Star Wars star has proven to be one of the most multifaceted when it comes to taking on a character. From her passage through the first three episodes of the Skywalker saga, which almost cost her her career, to starring in a comedy like Friends with Benefits and moving on to a true psychological thriller like the aforementioned film that allowed her to gain such recognition.

But beyond her talent and her great oratorical ability when it comes to giving speeches that move and make your skin crawl, something that is most striking about Natalie Portman is that she does not age, her beauty remains intact over the years and She was charge of revealing her beauty secret to take care of her face.

It was the actress who, in conversation with Vogue, revealed that she maintains a special routine to take care of her face over time. It all starts in the morning when she uses a Ciocco toner, which she puts on again before going to sleep as a cleanser. To that she added a Tata Harper moisturizer and there is not a single day missing when she does not put on sunscreen.

Another piece of information that Natalie revealed is which are the makeup that cannot be missing from her bag and that she carries everywhere for an emergency touch-up. These are two lipsticks, one transparent for a daytime look and the other passion red, in case you have a special event. A detail that she also shared is that she takes great care of her hands, and in her purse, she carries a cuticle care cream.

Regarding her diet and her exercise routine, Natalie Portman assured that she meditates every morning, something that is very important to her, and that she tries to dedicate the time to it that she deserves. This is complemented by going for a run, doing yoga, and pilates, depending on the day of the week. In turn, as is public knowledge, she has maintained a vegan diet for ten years.