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Nicole Kidman on how husband Keith Urban feels about her sxy scenes

The “Undoing” star says her hubby is pretty cool when her work gets a bit racy.

Nicole Kidman says Keith Urban has no problem with her shooting love scenes.

The Oscar winner has opened up about how her husband reacts when her work gets a little racy.

“My husband is an artist, so he understands all of it, and he also does not get involved in any of my — he sees the show at the very end when it’s a show all edited together and his fresh eyes,” she told E! News’ “Daily Pop.”

“He doesn’t read any script. He really doesn’t know what’s going on on the set. He’s got his own career that he’s completely absorbed in, so he doesn’t really know much about what I’m doing on this,” she continued, while laughing.

Kidman, who stars in Hulu’s upcoming “Nine Perfect Strangers,” is certainly dedicated to her craft, too, choosing to stay in character for five months while shooting the miniseries.

Kidman, 54, and Urban, 53, have been married for 15 years and are the parents of two daughters, Sunday, 13, and Faith, 10. The “Big Little Lies” star once said she would’ve liked to have had more kids if they had gotten together earlier.

Kidman has also talked about the key to her and Urban’s relationship.

“We call,” she told Parade magazine in 2018. “And that’s 12 years of marriage … we’ve never texted.”

“He’s such a good man, as I’ve said before,” the actor told Jenna Bush Hager on TODAY last year. “I’m married to a really good man. And the kids have a great father and that’s a very beautiful thing to be able to say.”

The Grammy winner, meanwhile, has explained how he knew Kidman was the right person for him.

“She’s just the one, that was it,” he said on the “Armchair Expert” podcast in September 2020. “She’s the one that I was searching for my whole life, and everything not only changed but had to change in me if I was going to go that road. It felt like an ultimate fork-in-the-road moment in my life. It was literally like, ‘You either get this right now, or you are never, ever going to get it right. This is your one shot.’ Really, it felt so obvious.”

Urban is also inspired by Kidman and her approach to her craft.

“What I’ve learned from her is to be more fearless in artistry and go for the curious place that you want to go to as an artist and don’t question it,” Urban said in an interview for Apple Music last year. “Her whole thing is like, ‘Oh I’m interested in that. I’m going to go over there.’”