Olivia Wilde’s joke in the middle of a romantic scene with Ryan Reynolds

“Not just that movie but all the movies he’d made,” Reynolds recalls of his reaction to Olivia Wilde’s shocked toplessness.

Olivia Wilde and Ryan Reynolds have been moving in Hollywood for many years but we can say that now they are better than ever. The years have led them to be able to leave behind the roles of symbols in romantic comedies and go on to direct, produce, or make a very personal name in humor. Olivia Wilde confirmed herself as a director to take into account with ‘Super Nerds’ and not even her controversial relationship with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles (for very different reasons) completely dampened the premiere of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. Reynolds has gone from being the one who ruined Green Lantern to the one who saved ‘Deadpool’ and political incorrectness in superhero movies. No Marvel film is more anticipated than ‘Deadpool 3’.

His personal situation is also quite different. Ryan Reynolds is happily married to Blake Lively, while Olivia Wilde has just left behind a vaunted romance with Harry Styles. However, twelve years ago, both of them coincided in a film called ‘The Change’, one of those films with bad reviews but that has gone down in popular memory as one of those comedies that you watch over and over again when they are on television.

Reynolds and Jason Bateman play two childhood friends who live two very different adult lives. One is a husband and father with a good job and the other is a lively single who spends his life from party to party. Both, for somewhat eschatological reasons, change bodies and live each other’s lives. A fairly common comic premise that also works here thanks to the female protagonists, a great Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde who embody the dream woman, as crazy as she is attractive, of the bachelor’s life. Although in fiction the protagonists change bodies in reality, logically, it was still Reynolds who had the duty of sharing scenes with Olivia Wilde.

The actor, who boasts of his comic and improvisation abilities, has been boasting for years that nothing makes him break his character. Many comic actors have so many gags behind them that they have become accustomed to holding back their laughter at any joke, setback, or surprise. But Reynolds only had one mistake, one that according to him made him forget not only the scene but the entire script and all of his scripts. It happened thanks to her partner, but not precisely because of her physical appearance but because of a joke that she played on him and that caught him completely off guard. This is what he told Jay Leno:

In the scene, she’s sitting on top of me and I take off her br@, and she has ni**le covers on, but she had drawn these adorable little smiley faces on them. And I forget every sentence. Not just this movie, but all the other movies I’ve done. said, Ryan Reynolds.

The actor tried to hide it so as not to look like a “14-year-old boy who just won the women’s lottery” but his hands couldn’t stop sweating. And the scene ended with him touching Wilde’s breasts. Things, of course, got worse, and poor Reynolds panicked. It turns out that when he touched her, her stickers fell off, and, in full tension, he grabbed her breasts again to, we understand hold them.