Paris Hilton revealed that her life is not what it seems

The socialite assured that despite having been in the industry for many years, she has never taken her feet off the ground.

Who doesn’t know Paris Hilton and his extravagant lifestyle? She has been famous practically since she was born and as a teenager she took it upon herself, with her reality show, to become the pioneer in this industry. Being the heir to the Hilton empire is not an easy thing, much less after exposing her luxuries and adventures in front of the cameras. After her rise to fame, the public formed a concept of her that is sometimes wrong, as she recently commented.

For years now, Paris has become synonymous with “superficial girl”; However, the DJ assures that her personality is completely different and very few people know her. During the presentation of her new skincare products, the businesswoman spoke about her true essence and the day she changed her life forever.

Although she may appear otherwise, Paris reveals that thanks to sound advice from her mother she has been able to keep her feet on the ground all these years: “I’ve been in this industry for so long. “I remember some advice my mom gave me one night before the premiere of my reality show.” Apparently, her mother’s words remained deeply stored in her mind and to this day she continues to apply this teaching.

Paris claims that her mother warned her: “Once the program comes out, your life will change forever, and for many people, when this happens, their head begins to adopt new behaviors and they become someone different.” Faced with the wave of fame that was coming, the socialite decided to follow the advice.