Paris Hilton shares a heartwarming memory featuring the iconic King of Pop, Michael Jackson

In the photograph, Michael Jackson is seen holding a substantial cell phone to his ear, donning a red dress shirt and casually hanging aviator sunglasses around his neck. He sports a warm smile as he gazes into the camera.

Paris Hilton, capturing the essence of the early 2000s, is pictured in one of her zip-up sweatshirts, choosing a br@less style, and pairing it with low-rise jeans. In this cherished moment, she has her arm affectionately wrapped around MJ as they share a seated moment together.

Paris chose to share this poignant memory with her extensive following on Instagram, posting the snapshot on her Instagram story. Accompanying the image are the heartfelt words, “Happy Birthday Michael,” accompanied by a red heart emoji.

Paris Hilton’s lifelong connection to Michael Jackson can be attributed to her mother, Kathy Hilton, who had a profound and enduring friendship with the late musical legend. Kathy and Michael’s relationship dates back to Kathy’s teenage years, and she has openly discussed the deep bond they shared.

Furthermore, another link connecting Paris Hilton to Michael Jackson is her childhood best friend, Nicole Richie. The two became household names through their television show, “The Simple Life,” and, remarkably, Nicole Richie enjoyed the distinction of being Michael Jackson’s goddaughter.

Photographs from a tribute event hosted by Paris Hilton reveal heartwarming moments of Michael Jackson embracing Nicole, with Paris and Nicole sitting alongside him.

Nicole Richie, the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, had the privilege of growing up with Michael Jackson as her godfather. Nicole shared that she had the opportunity to visit Neverland Ranch on numerous occasions and characterized Michael as a mature individual who cherished the chance to relive his childhood, particularly in the company of children. She fondly reminisced about the afternoons and days she spent with him at the ranch, emphasizing the genuine camaraderie they shared.