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People thought he was a simple worker, but what they found in the basement shocked them!

People thought he was a simple worker, but what they found in the basement shocked them. Hi Friends When we hear about charity, we immediately associate with successful businessmen or media personalities. However, this is not always the case. The most generous and and sincere people who are always ready to help those in need turn out to be ordinary people with a big heart. They confirm the expression the world is not without good people, but more often their actions remain unnoticed.

Very few people have heard about the hero of today’s story, although he spent his life unselfishly caring for those in need. And yet this man is considered a true hero in Kazan. Even in his lifetime, he was awarded a monument under the walls of the local Kremlin. Here’s why.

Ascot Galaxyanov was born in 1936 in a small village in a simple peasant family. Since childhood, Oscar got used to work, look after cattle, learned together with parents to make and kill bricks for sale, and of course, to farm work. Here we must give credit to his father because he put into the boy’s heart principles to which he will be faithful throughout his life. Help those in need. Do not pass by someone else’s misfortune and never ask anything in return for help.

As with everyone after World War II, the boy’s life became more difficult because his father returned from the military front without both legs, and the responsibility for the household fell on the nine year old Ascot. In addition, the family often starved, and meals such as nettle soup were the only available option, though it was such hardships that only strengthened this lad’s character. After finishing school, Alscott, like all the boys, went to the army.

On his return, he decided to try his luck in a bigger town where there were many hopes and opportunities. That’s how the roads brought our hero to Kazan, where he got his first job, which immediately turned out to be a Noble one. As the young man went to work for the police, he took his job very seriously and showed great compassion for people. That’s why Asgard did not take drunkers to a sobering up center but directly to their homes. The sobering up system seemed inhumane to him.

However, when his bosses found out about such an ability of an employee, they naturally fired the Phil policemen. Deprived of his earnings, Askat was forced to take various part time jobs until, in the 70s, he found a job at a local grocery market where he worked for many decades. His main job was to carry goods around the market on a horse drawn cart. Skipping ahead. It is with his cart that Ascot was depicted on a monument under the Kremlin wall.

Our village boy who grew up with the consciousness that nothing should be wasted was quick to notice how much food and waste was simply being thrown away and not going to any useful purpose. It was a strange observation, but it was this observation that made the simple carriage driver famous. Clever nests and industrious nests prompted us to get pigs and started fattening them up with actually free fodder. However, in those days you could not just start at such a farm without permission. What do you think Uscat did?

With great desire, Uscott set up an underground Pixie in a barn, thereby setting up an underground farm. He thought over the mechanisms of feeding and manure removal, ran water and electricity, and every day he smuggled the waste from the market to the barn where he fed his piglets. He acted with extreme caution as no one was to find out that there were animals living under the barn. Underground farming had to be combined with official work. So Ascot got up at 03:00 A.m.

And removed the manure. At night. Thanks to cleanliness, he was able to leave his farm unnoticed. For six years, selling pigs to the government began to bring in good money, but the young man simply did not know what to do with it, as he had never dreamt of becoming rich and was used to being satisfied with very little. He remembered his father’s words that if there was an extra Penny, it was better to give it to the elderly or to the needy.

At first, Asgard put his savings instead of the money box into the bowl under the bed, but after a while he decided to do charity work. In those years the state was taking all the care of the needy and let’s be honest, it was not very successful. So Asgard came to the yard of Kazan Orphanage number one, with a cart full of food which ordinary families cannot afford. Needless to say, how happy the staff and children were to see such a guest. Feeling that such sudden gifts were much needed by the poor children.

Ascot has been trying to visit the children as often as possible ever since. As soon as they saw his silhouette in the windows, they immediately ran out into the courtyard, screaming with happiness and begging the kind uncle to take them for a ride on his horse. This was the biggest reward for Uscat’s kindness, visiting the children regularly. One winter he noticed that the children were running around in thin jackets in the Frost. Within a month he had brought back a dozen natural fur coats on horseback.

Time has passed, but the orphanage grounds still bear the signs of the nobleman’s presence, such as the blue spruces and the orphanage’s dream come true. A monument to a child called fairytale. Every year the scale of gifts increased once us get presented a new Neva car to the management. But it was not the limit of kindness. Soon the orphanage got its own bus so that the children could go on excursions.

It was bought, as always, with money from an illegal farm. The activities of our Noble hero were not limited to his native land, and soon he was helping the whole Soviet Union only nowadays stands of charitable persons in orphanages are replete with names, but at that timeuscott was the only oddball who did good for nothing. Ascott helped not only orphans but also victims of Chernobyl, victims of earthquake in Armenia and avalanches in Georgia, and later to relatives of the victims of Viku submarine and hostages in South Australia. Do you think the state had discovered Ascot’s illegal activities? Unfortunately, yes, and they were even about to Institute criminal proceedings for illegal business.

However, justice returned to USCAS and all citizens of Kazan stood up for him, after which there was a considerable resonance and the case was closed and he was allowed to carry out his activities. You’re probably wondering, how did the man who was constantly helping everyone around him actually lived? You’ll be very surprised, but he gave his two room flat in the center of the city to strangers when he accidentally found out that they were squatting in a communal flat shared by eight people. He himself moved into a wooden Barrack where he lived for the rest of his life and died in 2016. The Happiest Man in the World Throughout his life, Asgard Galimzhanov remained a modest man and never demanded recognition or gratitude for what he had done.

He was sincerely happy to communicate with people, invite them to visit him, but he never considered the actions he performed to be an exploit. However, the state and big charity organizations thought otherwise and honored Ascot with dozens of honorable awards. Although it is difficult not to mention that none of these awards compared to the national respect Kazan residents have for the honored resident, it was not only the staff of orphanages, boarding schools and old people’s homes, but also top officials of the Republic of Tatterstan pay tribute to the great man. The memory of Uscott’s Noble deed who became a legend of a city, is engraved in the form of a monument of a carriage driver holding the bridles of a horse and looking at the big cart on which children are seated. It appeared near the walls of the Kazan Kremlin in 2008 from personal funds of the first President of the Republic of Tatterstan Mintimer Shemiev.

It’s amazing how an ordinary native of the village could become famous for simple humankindness and not having a Penny to his name be the happiest man. Thanks to whom whole generations of successful people have grown up, there is no doubt that every one of them remembers Grandpa Ascot with warmth. As we know, as long as we remember people, they are still alive. All in all, the illegal farmer who raised cattle in his barn donated more than 80 passenger busses and passenger cars to orphanages in the Soviet Union and Russia during his lifetime. And the amount of money he spent on starving children and poor people.

Is, by the most conservative measures, over $3 million. Just think about those numbers. He was always modestly dressed. One might even say poorly. A jacket or vest frayed at the elbows.

He was seen in the same clothes for several years at a time. Of course, people thought he was an oddball. But he stopped all questions in an instant. He used to say, I keep money for the development of the farm. But if there is extra, why not give it to those who need it?

This is what the doctor de factologist of Kazan Orphanage number one said about this incredible man. He lived the way he wanted to live. And did what he was able to do. He had the opportunity to change his life abruptly. But he decided to change the lives of thousands of people for the better.

While still being a simple uncle Uscott. Who walks around in an old jacket. And is always ready to help people. Something tells me that somewhere in heaven. If there is anything a special place has been prepared for him.

A place for a Noble man with a big heart. What do you think of life principles and actions of Asgard galimzianov? Write your opinion in comments that’s all for today. Like the video. If you enjoyed it, talk to you soon.