Photos of Scarlett Johansson working when she was just a child

The actress, one of the most recognized and beautiful in the Hollywood world, has a huge journey behind her. Images of her from her beginnings were released, before her jump to stardom.

Scarlett Johansson established herself over time as one of the most recognized actresses in the film industry. The artist’s journey is enormous and she has undoubtedly earned full respect from her colleagues and the entire entertainment world as a result of her great work and professionalism.

Born in Manhattan on November 22, 1984, Scarlett is the daughter of Karsten, a Danish architect, and Melanie Solan, a producer born in the New York City Bronx. She comes from a family linked to the medium, since her grandfather was a screenwriter and director, and her brothers also work in cinema.

From a very young age, the actress began working in the field after her mother began taking her to auditions. However, despite trying out for several advertisements, it is said that Johansson took her rejections so hard that her mother began to limit her only to film castings.

This is how she made her film debut, at just 9 years old in the 1994 film North. It was a comedy starring Elijah Wood, Bruce Willis, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jon Lovitz, among others. Her role was that of Laura Nelson, daughter of John Ritter.

Then Scarlett would begin her incessant journey through films like Causa Justa If Lucy Fell, Manny & Lo, Fall, Home Alone 3 (yes, for those who don’t remember it, it was in the third installment of the ‘Home Alone franchise) and many titles more. At that time she also auditioned for the movie Jumanji, although she did not get the role (Kirsten Dunst was the one who finally got the role of Judy Sheperd).

Many of her will remember her for her roles in films such as the Avengers saga, such as Black Widow, as well as Match Point, Lost in Translation, The Final Trick, and more. But what’s new now is that several photos have been leaked that show a little Scarlett before her explosion and revolution, before she becomes the recognized star of today who captivates millions and dazzles in every role she plays. embodies.

We talk about her beginnings, those in which she made her big debut on the big screen and was just a 9-year-old girl. It all happened from a video that went viral on the YouTube platform, in which you can see the famous actress in her first audition, already showing her great talent in front of the cameras.

Although at that time she had a very filler role, over time her figure took on an increasing dimension until she became the actress who dazzles everyone today. With the label of having been chosen twice as “The most attractive woman in the world”, as a child her image generated so much tenderness that she could surely also win the title of “The most tender girl in the world”.