Photoshopped Image Claims Meghan Markle Pushed Prince Harry for £50,000 Hair Transplant

Reports are circulating that Meghan has played a pivotal role in Prince Harry’s decision to undergo a £50,000 hair transplant. This comes at a time when Prince Harry is channeling his efforts into making a positive impact on people’s lives, particularly through his involvement with the American mental health software startup, BetterUp, since 2021. However, it’s not his career but his appearance that’s drawing attention.

Recent changes in Prince Harry’s look, particularly his hair, have raised eyebrows. On his Business website profile, a new image portrays him with a noticeably thicker head of dark hair. This stands in contrast to his previous images that showed considerably lighter and thinner hair.

Prince Harry has long struggled with hair loss, a fact evident in photographs from a recent polo match in Singapore. This hair transformation has fueled speculation about the methods employed, including the possibility of a wig, a hair transplant, or even image editing.

A source close to the Duke has refuted claims of a hair transplant, stating that Prince Harry doesn’t have time for such procedures and would not consider wearing a wig. The source also dismissed allegations of image manipulation.

Critics argue that such image alterations are incongruous with the mission statements of organizations like BetterUp, which prioritize authenticity, empathy, and countering misinformation. Meghan’s involvement in potential image manipulation has sparked discussions, with some suggesting that she might be embarrassed by her husband’s baldness.

Hair loss expert Spencer Stevenson pointed out that Meghan may have introduced Prince Harry to top hair transplant experts, a procedure that reportedly costs £50,000. He’s not alone in this endeavor, as celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Martin, David Beckham, and Matthew McConaughey have all reportedly undergone similar procedures.

One UK cosmetic surgeon even predicted that Prince Harry’s hair loss would accelerate, potentially leaving him virtually bald by the age of 50. Hair specialists have noted that retouching techniques were likely employed to give Harry a full head of locks, matching Meghan’s desired aesthetic.

This focus on Harry’s hair has sparked discussions about Prince William’s own hair loss, further fueling speculation about Harry’s motivations and Meghan’s influence. Amidst all this, one thing is clear: Harry’s hair has become a topic of fascination, both online and in the public eye.