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Pink, Kate Winslet and More Celebrities on Why They’ve Said ‘No’ to Plastic Surgery

In the words of Meryl Streep: “It’s not a good thing”

Emma Thompson


Thompson got candid about her opinion on plastic surgery during an interview with Hello Magazine. “It’s mad,” she opined. “It’s not a normal thing to do, and the culture that we’ve created that says it’s normal, is not normal. Why do people ask persons to cut them open and put things into their body? What is that, what are we doing to ourselves?” The actress added that she’s worried about how cosmetic surgery will affect the future of society: “It’s chronically unhealthy and there’s this very serious side to all of that because we’re going to end up with this sort of ‘super-culture’ that’s going to suggest to young people, girls and boys, that this looks normal. And it’s not normal.”

She doubled down on her take in early 2022, telling The Wrap she considers it “a form of collective psychosis.”

“I’ve always thought that, though. But I’ve always been a kind of card-carrying, militant feminist when it comes to women’s bodies and what’s been done to them, what we’re told to expect of ourselves, what we’re told to do to ourselves,” she added.



The “What About Us” singer shared a candid “note to self” on Twitter about how she’s beginning to notice the effects of aging and how they make her feel “weird” – but that she’s working to embrace them.

“Dear Me, you’re getting older. I see lines. Especially when you smile. Your nose is getting bigger… You look (and feel) weird as you get used to this new reality,” she wrote on Twitter.

“But your nose looks like your kids, and your face wrinkles where you laugh… and yeah you idiot… u smoked,” the singer continued.

“Continued note to self: Every once in a while you consider altering your face, and then you watch a show where you want to see what the person is feeling… and their face doesn’t move. I cannot get behind it. I just can’t.”

To round out her empowering message, Pink encouraged her followers to “get on board cause I am about to AGE THE OL FASHIONED WAY (in a tutu ruling s- at 30 mph 100 ft in the air over 40) yassssssss.”

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

The Oscar winner is decidedly against plastic surgery, after seeing it go wrong for too many of her peers. “When I see it in people I meet, it’s like an interruption in communication with them,” she told Vanity Fair in 2009. “It’s like a flag in front of the view, and that, for an actor, is like wearing a veil – it’s not a good thing.”

She later elaborated on the importance of embracing the “gift” of aging to Good Housekeeping: “You’d be amazed at how many men in this industry have gone down that road [of getting plastic surgery]. I just don’t get it. You have to embrace getting older,” she urged. “Life is precious, and when you’ve lost a lot of people, you realize each day is a gift.”

Amanda Peet


“I’ve never gotten Botox or fillers,” Peet said on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos. “I’ve never done anything to my face that’s ‘invasive.’ ” While the actress says being a mother probably influenced her decision to forgo injections, she does concede that a much less noble factor might have also affected her choice. “I think it has a lot to do with having two girls,” she said, adding, “Maybe I’m afraid. I’m afraid … it’s like I’ve never done cocaine either!” And Peet said that surgery not being involved in her beauty routine doesn’t mean she hasn’t put significant effort into her looks: “I’ve certainly spent a lot of time and money doing other stuff, and I certainly am vain!”