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Policeman Sees Own Photo in Old Stack of Missing Children Files, then discovers something shocking.

Shock as Cop Finds Photo of Himself as a Kid in Stacks

Policemen see his own photo in old stack of missing children.Files then discovers something shocking officer.Parker had seen some really tough days as a kid and grew up to become a successful cop.One day he found his childhood photo in a stack of missing children’s case files and it revealed things about his past.He had never imagined officer.Parker took a sip of black coffee from the paper couple.He sat behind the desk.Rereading the Case.Files pulled an all-nighter again, you better look into the mirror once in a while man, his partner officer, reset, as he walked in case dude, signed officer, Parker, tossing the file on his table, I’m not sure who’s lying and guess what I went over their statements. 10 times, is it their housekeep or children was everyone in on it together, Molly still got some time for that wan na grab a quick breakfast.My wife was asleep, so she didn’t cook your treat, asked officer.

Parker looks like it smiled officer Reese with the coffee’s on you, so the two cops drove down to the street to the old Resto Cafe grabbed a double chicken sandwich and some coffee and returned to the station to review the files they were both working on a Case involving the murder of a millionaire businessman and his wife, while officers, race and Parker, were discussing the case File.Something came to officer Parker’s mind.I believe a similar case occurred in the early 2000s.He said they had closed the case because they only had circumstantial evidence not admissible in corn.I remember it too officer reset it.So I asked Chad to get the old case files from the storeroom by the way, let’s call the maid for questioning again reader’s statement.She doesn’t have an alibi after 11 pm that night she claimed to be sleeping.But who knows from your ride, said officer: Parker, hey Chad.

Policeman Focuses on Cynthia’s Case After Discovering Photo

Here the clerk Chad brought the files and officer Parker pulled out the case File of Cynthia R who’d gone missing in 2001, while looking for possible leads that day officer, Parker, also chanced upon a stack of Case Files of missing children.He opened one of the files out of curiosity to see if it contained information about Cynthia’s case and was surprised to see his childhood photo inside Jesus.I must be hallucinating he whispered under his breath.What’S wrong asked officer Reese, I wonder what my picture’s doing in here said officer Parker in a non-serious tone.Wait there’s a report too.It was suddenly more serious officer.Parker read this case File and buried his face in his hands.I can’t believe this is happening to me.I was reported missing back then Rhys.Can you believe that you were who found the report officer Parker closed his case phone, stuffed it in his drawer, my mother.He said she did I’m gon na go over that later.Let’S get done with Cynthia R’s case for now.

Policeman Discovers His Mother in Old Stack of Missing Children Files

Wait your mother, that’s right!Yeah!She never cared about me and I ran away from home.Loblaw said story.Strangely, she reported me missing what a weird woman, maybe I’ll, just put the file back, but that night, when officer Parker was alone at the station working late.Yet again he pulled out the file from his drawer and reread it he sighed in frustration when he saw his mother’s name there.Sylvia was many things, but she wasn’t a mother.She had no maternal instincts at all.So when officer Parker was a little boy, his grandmother used to look after him.Grand Dorothy was his everything when he turned tenji passed away and Sylvia was the only one he had left one night Sylvia came home drunk with another Unknown man and officer.Parker decided that night that he didn’t want to stay with her anymore.She never cared about him and all she did was bring new men home every time she was drunk, so he just ran away from that messed up life he backed on the streets.

Cop Finds Missing Daughter Years After He Left Her Behind

As a kid worked part-time at diners and slept in parking lots, but he never returned to silvium years later when he fulfilled his dream of becoming a cop and serving people he never considered returning to her, not even once he left her in his dark childhood behind.I don’t know why she’d even report me missing when she didn’t care side officer Parker.This is insane, although he didn’t want to do it officer, Parker decided to find Sylvia, to put it mildly.He hated her, but he needed answers.Six months later officer Parker took time off from work after solving the Millionaire’s murder case to track down Sylvia, but he was barely successful.She must be dead by now.For all we know he told officer Reese on the call it’s been years recent she wasn’t in the best of health.What about that informant?He said he knew the motel where your mother worked he’s the last Ray of Hope in this dark search.I wonder if this will lead to anything honestly I’ll, stop looking for her.

Policeman Discovers Siblings He Did Not Know He Had

If this doesn’t yield any results, I will cheer up dude.Let’S wait for a heads up from him.What if he tracks her down?I don’t know said officer Parker, I really don’t.Maybe I shouldn’t have started this in the first place, that night officer Parker didn’t sleep a wing every time he closed his eye.Sylvia’S blurred face flashed in front of his eyes.Finally, he was up and on his laptop checking if the informant had sent him any information when he checked his email.That night officer Parker’s eyes widened in shock, as per the informant Sylvia was alive, but that wasn’t all officer Parker had seven siblings and he had no idea about it.The man had sent him Sylvia’s, Andres and officer.Parker left his home right then, to drive all the way to the city where Sylvia lived around six in the morning officer Parker knocked on Sylvia’s door and a frail woman answered it.She was not very old, but she was thin and spoke very softly.

Cop Finds Shockingly Familiar Photo in Missing Children Files

Mom asked officer Parker looking at her is: is that really you Sylvia’s hand went to her mouth Darnell?Is that Jesus?She threw her arms around him and began crying officer.Parker wanted to hug her back, but didn’t can I come in?He asked?Oh yes, yes, it’s your house, you can come here whenever you want.She exclaimed wiping her tears away officer.Parker noticed her house was,and span unlike his childhood days, and there was a wall lined with photos of Sylvia smiling with his seven alleged, siblings and those siblings smiling with one another looks like I got a lot of siblings.He said, as he sat on the couch I work as a cop now and found out.I have a big family.She poured two cups of tea and brought them to the front table you do.She said I took them in they’re, not your biological siblings, but yes, they still are in a way your brothers and sisters.I’M sorry Darnell!I was a bad mother.Wasn’T I she said, I failed to look after you when I was supposed to and you were forced to leave me.

Cop Finds Photo of Him and Daughter Missing in Old Stack of Missing

Why did you file the missing report bear in mind?I have a good life and I don’t need you, but I need my answers.Can we just say I felt guilty she asked moving her index finger along her Cup’s Rim after you left, I missed you, you could say I had a change of heart.I volunteered at the church for a while hoping to atone for my sins.There I met seven children needing of a loving home and took him in.They helped me overcome the grief of not having you around, but I kept looking for you until those officers declared your case closed.I never expected to see a change in you officer, Parker side after dad passed away.Well, I don’t know all of this is still hard for me to process.Take your time.She said, I’m not asking you to forgive me, but I would really appreciate it if you did, I couldn’t have you around as a son back then, but I want to make up for a lost time together.

Policeman Finds Photo of Himself in Old Stack of Missing Children

I really do and well while it took officer Parker some time he decided to forgive his mother and embraced her and his seven siblings.He finally found a family, albeit later in life, and that was enough for him.If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and consider sharing it with someone who may find it interesting thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video foreign

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