Poor Baby: Doubts Arise Over Existence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby, Lilibet

Could it be that the suspicions we’ve had about Lily’s existence are indeed valid? Rumors are swirling that the Sussexes are once again entertaining the idea of trading silver coins for imaginary children, and there seems to be an abundance of joy and happiness in the air.

One of the reasons I hold this channel in high regard is because most of you comprehend that news articles in the media often contain a mix of truth and fiction. We have strong reservations regarding the existence of Lilybet, but there was recently an article about Prince Charles meeting his granddaughter during the late Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

It makes me ponder how Prince Charles managed to find time for a rendezvous with this fabricated child amidst the celebrations. If it did occur, which is a substantial ‘if,’ wouldn’t headline-seeking individuals ensure that some photos were leaked, likely to the Daily Mail? After all, every other member of the royal family has shared photos of their children during such events.

However, Lilybet and Archie have remained conspicuously absent from such public outings, making us question their existence. They seem to be an enigma in the realm of normal childhood activities—no trips to the park, no nursery school visits, just an eerie absence of any typical experiences. This is in stark contrast to other royal family members who have shared such moments openly.

Furthermore, during that visit, Harry claimed that his 96-year-old grandmother, the Queen, who had only a few months left to live, was frolicking on the floor with an imaginary child. This seems highly improbable, given her frailty and health at the time. It doesn’t add up.

It’s also quite convenient that none of Harry’s family members were present to meet Lilybet; they were all occupied with their royal duties. It seems they had little interest in meeting this invisible child, and one can understand why. Not a single member of the royal family possesses an official or even unofficial photograph with the girl, and the only authenticated picture of Archie is from his christening.

The bottom line is that this article underscores the need to exercise caution when digesting news. We’ve heard from individuals who were on duty when Harry and Meghan flew to the UK, confirming that there were no children traveling with them. It’s clear that this story has been promoted by their PR machinery, and without any official palace statement to contradict it, they continue to perpetuate their falsehoods.

Someone out there undoubtedly knows the truth, and whoever they are, they’re likely being handsomely compensated to keep their silence.

William’s popularity is undoubtedly something we all share, and one can only imagine the envy Harry must be feeling right now. It seems like karma has caught up with him, to be honest. But how can one not adore William? He embodies so many qualities that endear him to the public.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the exciting baby news. This could be the first time Catherine has the chance to enjoy the company of a baby all by herself for several uninterrupted hours during the day, with the other children safely at school. Margaret’s perspective truly highlights the appeal of such a scenario, making the news seem more credible. Catherine must cherish the opportunity to wholeheartedly care for a newborn without the usual distractions.

Reading your responses to the baby news is always a pleasure. Amanda’s enthusiasm for a royal baby mirrors our own, and it’s heartwarming to see the support for this wonderful family. We all hope that if Catherine is indeed pregnant, she has a smooth journey through it, given her past struggles with morning sickness. William and the children will undoubtedly provide her with excellent care and support.

Susan Lucas also brings up a valid point about Catherine’s past pregnancies, hinting at the possibility that this time may be different. It’s true; pregnancies can be full of surprises.

Meanwhile, Meredith reminds us of Catherine’s previous bouts of morning sickness during her pregnancies, which could cast doubt on the current news. We appreciate the diversity of opinions shared in the comments.

Shifting gears, let’s delve into another issue: Meghan Markle’s experiences within the British royal family. As mentioned before, Meghan seemed to struggle with her standing within the royal hierarchy, and it’s safe to say she lacked the grace, humility, and dedication required for a successful royal role. Her impatience with her position was evident.

Her claim of being unaware of the royal family’s inner workings before meeting Harry does raise eyebrows, considering the calculated nature of her actions later on. She certainly possessed enough knowledge to understand the importance of discretion within the royal fold. Her attempts to tarnish the royal family’s reputation without substantial proof is a concerning pattern. The late Queen’s wise words, ‘Recollections may vary,’ serve as a reminder to approach Meghan’s statements with caution.

Meghan’s manipulative tendencies are evident in her ability to sway public opinion without concrete evidence. Her vindictive actions have the potential to cause lasting damage. It’s disheartening to witness how Harry, who appears to have been manipulated, rushes to her defense without questioning her claims.

Meghan’s efforts to portray herself as an innocent victim enable her to manipulate situations and people. Harry’s current predicament is precarious, and it’s unclear if he comprehends the extent of manipulation he’s undergone. When Meghan no longer finds Harry useful, she may discard him, leaving him with no option but to return to the family who has always supported him.

Meghan’s willingness to make baseless allegations, such as racism within the royal family, shows her determination to tarnish the institution’s reputation. This calculated approach relies on the belief that some will assume her allegations hold truth simply because she made them. The damage is done, and it’s challenging to undo the harm caused.

While this may seem cynical, there is a genuine concern that Meghan may resort to further manipulation to secure her freedom and gain custody of the ‘invisible’ children. Harry’s role may be vilified, portraying him as a danger to her and the children. It’s a scenario that, while not certain, should not be dismissed.

Meghan’s actions thus far indicate a propensity for manipulation, and it remains to be seen how events will unfold in the future. Hopefully, steps can be taken to prevent any potential damage she may cause. Your thoughts on this matter are highly valued.