Story Time

Poor Boy Gives His Umbrella to Old Lady in the Rain, She Returns It with an Envelope Inside

A poor boy decided to share his umbrella with an old lady after getting caught in the rain walking with her toward her house a couple of days later, he and his mom were surprised to see an envelope tucked into the umbrella when they opened it again. Tom was a 15 year old boy raised by a single mother named Marissa. They didn’t have much in life living daily with just enough to eat three meals and pay the bills. Every day his mother worked as a cleaner at a nearby park. She never took public transportation choosing to walk to work and back home instead to save money.

One day Tom noticed that Marissa came home, soaking wet mom, you’re gon na get sick why’d you walk in the rain. He worriedly asked I’m all right: sweetheart my umbrella broke, because the wind was so strong and I wanted to get home in time to have dinner with you. She replied I’ll. Just take a shower and prepare your dinner right. Tom knew when his mom wasn’t feeling well and he instantly knew that she was on the brink of getting sick.

He wanted to ensure that his mom more comfortably every day, so he wanted to get her a helpful present for her upcoming birthday without Marissa. Knowing Tom had been saving up his allowance for months to be able to buy a present he’d collected a total of 25, which he hoped was enough to buy his mom a good gift. True enough, the following day, Marissa woke up with a fever: Mom don’t get up from bed Tom told her I’ll. Take care of you today. Here’S your medicine!

Please take it. He said handing it to her with a glass of water. After Marissa took the medicine Tom told her that he’d be right back as he had some things he needed to buy, get some sleep, Mom I’ll, be right there. When you wake up, he said kissing. Her on the cheek Tom walked to the nearby Superstore to purchase ingredients to cook his mama hot bowl of soup.

Then realizing his mom’s birthday was in a couple of days. He planned on going to the section that sold umbrellas when he got to the store Tom prioritize getting his mom’s present, so he could use the remainder of his money on food. He approached the salesperson in the umbrella section and decided to ask him a question. What’S your sturdiest umbrella here, sir, something that doesn’t break when hit by the wind and something that would last years he asked. Oh, we have some new arrivals they’re, quite pricey, but they’re built to last longer made with thicker materials, sturdier metal.

The man explained he showed Thompson portable umbrellas in different colors and Thomas particularly impressed. They do look sturdy. He said taking a lavender colored umbrella from the rank. This is my mom’s favorite color, I’m sure she’d love this Tom flipped the tag and checked the price. It was 22 dollars which left him with about three dollars to buy food.

He walked through the superstore, with a lavender umbrella in hand and checked the dry goods rag. He found a can of chicken noodle soup for only a dollar and was relieved. He could still buy his mom some food after checking out Tom, couldn’t help but smile after being able to fit his 25 to buy everything he needed to get for his mom. He even had two dollars to spare. While Tom was walking back home from the store it suddenly started to pour, he ran towards a nearby bus, stop where he decided to seek shelter from there.

He noticed an old lady walking slowly, while everyone around her ran towards shaded areas. Tom realized, the woman, had no plans of stopping despite being drenched in the rain. Why shouldn’t she stopping? He asked himself without hesitation. He took the umbrella out of his paper bag and decided to chase.

After the old woman you shouldn’t be walking in the rain ma’am you might get sick, my name’s Tom. Let me walk you home. He offered the old woman was surprised to feel that the rain had stopped. Suddenly she looked up and realized an umbrella was shielding her. Thank you, young man.

I appreciate you helping me out. I’M Elizabeth, she said linking a hand on Tom’s arm, while he guided her while walking good for you. You were able to buy an umbrella before the rain started. Pouring she commented Tom shook his hand. This is meant to be a gift for my mom.

Her umbrella broke and she got drenched in the rain. Yesterday’S now nursing a fever. I wanted to get her something she could use for years. I’M so sorry, dear Elizabeth apologized, did you use the gift just because of me, you shouldn’t. Have she said slowly starting to stop walking it’s all right, ma’am at least I was able to test it out.

The salesperson was right. This is a lot sturdier than the normal umbrellas. We see nowadays Tom smiled at her trying to make her feel better. That’S great! Your mom’s lucky to have such a kind and caring boy, like you, Elizabeth commented, I’m lucky to have such a hard-working mom like her.

She raised me on her own. The least I could do is give her a present, though that’s what I did saved up for months. Tom explained. After a couple of minutes, they arrived at Elizabeth’s house. She insisted that Tom stay a while into the hard rain stopped while they were inside Elizabeth handed Tom, some hot tea.

This is delicious. Thank you, man, Tom smiled and the two drank from their cups until the rain stopped. Let me help you wrap the gift for your mom Elizabeth said, taking the umbrella from the paper bag. She went to her room and wiped the umbrella dry before wrapping it in a lovely, floral print wrapper. Here you go dear.

I hope your mom likes her present. She said handing Tom the gift Tom couldn’t help but smile upon seeing the gift wrapped she’ll love it. Thank you ma’am. He said hugging Elizabeth before leaving Tom went home that day excited for his mom’s birthday to come in a few days. He prepared a hot bowl of soup and nursed her until she got better after three days, Tomic suddenly woke up to give his mom the gift happy birthday mom.

He said hurriedly handing it to her hope. You like it. Thank you sweetheart. You didn’t have to get me anything Marissa said touched it her son, zamfered. She opened the gift and was surprised to see an umbrella with an envelope inside.

What’S inside here, she curiously asked Tom’s eyes widened realizing that Elizabeth had placed something inside the gift box. Without him, knowing when they opened it, it had three thousand dollars in cash and a note that said happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your son. Thank you for raising such a kind and lovely boy Tom revealed to Marissa that he encountered an old lady while walking home from the store the other day. He shared the umbrella with the old lady and she offered to gift wrap it while they were waiting for the rain to stop before preparing for Marissa’s birthday.

She and Tom walked to the old woman’s house to invite her. They spent the day together and became good friends always visiting and spending time with each other.