Prince Harry Opens Up: Reflecting on Princess Kate’s Past, the Princess of Wales

In a recent revelation, Prince Harry shared a heartwarming insight into his bond with Kate, the Princess of Wales. He recounted how they connected over their shared sense of humor, often finding themselves in fits of laughter rolling on the floor.

Lately, public appearances of Prince Harry and Princess Kate have been notably scarce, sparking curiosity about the state of their relationship. The last time they were photographed together was at the king’s coronation back in May, and some observed a certain distance between them, fueling rumors of a possible rift.

Their once-close bond, often referred to as the “Fab Four,” seems to have waned. Gone are the days when we witnessed Harry and Meghan sharing laughs at public events, exuding the warmth of friendly siblings.

This cooling of their relationship can be traced back to the tumultuous period following Harry and Meghan Markle’s shocking revelations about the royal family. However, Harry’s recent book, “Spare,” published in January 2023, provides a captivating glimpse into the early days of his relationship with Kate Middleton, who would later become Duchess Catherine.

In this revealing account, Prince Harry divulges details that shed light on the lesser-known side of the future Queen. One of the most intriguing revelations involves a costume incident from their past. Harry recalls how, at the age of 20, he grappled with what to wear for an Out of Africa-themed party. It was Prince William who came to the rescue, promising to find him the perfect outfit. Enter Kate Middleton, then William’s new girlfriend, who offered her assistance.

In Harry’s words, “I liked his new girlfriend. She was carefree, sweet, and kind. She’d done a gap year in Florence, knew about photography, art, and clothes. She loved clothes. Her name was Kate.” It was clear that Harry and Kate shared a special bond from the start.

The book continues with Harry describing William’s eccentric costume choice for the party: a skin-tight leotard with a springy, bouncy tail. Harry and Kate couldn’t contain their laughter as they watched William prance around in this bizarre outfit. Harry fondly reminisces, “I liked seeing Kate laugh. Better yet, I liked making her laugh, and I was quite good at it.” He even playfully expressed a fear that Kate might steal away his brother but reassured himself with visions of their future filled with laughter.

However, this revelation takes a surprising turn as Harry narrates the controversial incident involving a Nazi costume. Both Kate and William encouraged Harry to wear it, and their collective laughter during the costume fitting is etched in Harry’s memory. The costume, however, brought severe public backlash and immense personal shame, leading Harry to reflect on the gravity of his actions.

Prince Harry’s book, “Spare,” offers an intimate look at his early relationship with Kate Middleton and serves as a reminder that even amidst challenges and controversies, the royal family continues to evolve, learn, and adapt to a changing world.

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