Prince Harry Speaks Out Regarding King Charles Ongoing Feud with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has at last broken his silence concerning the long-standing dispute between Meghan Markle and his father, King Charles.

Within the pages of his memoir, Prince Harry has chosen to share revelations about the complexities of their family life.

One poignant excerpt from his memoir sheds light on the situation: “He [Charles] extended an invitation for me to visit Balmoral, but it came with a stipulation – ‘Not her.’ He went on to provide reasons that were, frankly, illogical and disrespectful. I couldn’t stand idly by. No one speaks ill of my wife in that manner.”

“In a somewhat hesitant manner, he explained that he preferred a more intimate gathering. Since no other spouses were attending, not even Kate, he argued that Meghan shouldn’t either. In his eyes, that settled it.”

“As the afternoon wore on, I received no response from Willy. With no available commercial flights to Aberdeen, my only recourse was chartering a flight from Luton. Within two hours, I was on board.”

It’s worth noting that shortly after this revelation came to light, royal expert Robert Jobson unveiled an intriguing perspective on the ‘real motivation’ behind this decision. He asserted that King Charles had requested Kate’s absence solely to present the same proposition to Meghan Markle.

Reportedly, King Charles remarked, “If Catherine doesn’t attend, Meghan can’t either. It’s not fitting for spouses to be present.”

However, according to a report from the Daily Mail, “Harry was adamant about Meghan accompanying him to Scotland during the Queen’s critical moments, but the King contended it was an affair reserved for the Queen’s children and grandchildren only.”

“Privately, he wished to convey that Meghan was not welcome, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Harry. Therefore, he personally intervened and asked Kate to stay behind to ensure fairness to Meghan.”