Prince Harry’s Companions Grasp Prince William’s Exasperation with Meghan Markle

According to royal authority Robert Lacey, Prince Harry’s intimate confidants appear to empathize with Prince William’s apparent “frustration” towards his brother’s spouse, Meghan Markle.

In a revealing account featured in The Daily Mail, Lacey conveyed the sentiment among the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s inner circle that Meghan, on occasion, embodies a ‘500% nightmare.’

Lacey penned, “Supporters of the Sussexes have observed the peculiar blend of self-promotion and self-pity that characterizes Meghan, and can discern why it might have vexed William.”

“Some of Harry’s close associates readily concede that ‘Meghan can be a 500% nightmare.’ The ceaseless self-promotion – it’s all just so… American!” he added.

Additionally, Lacey proposed that the mutual acquaintances of Prince Harry and Prince William have harbored hopes for a reconciliation between the royal siblings. He explained, “The friends shared by the brothers formed a particularly close-knit circle until Meghan’s arrival. Even when the schism between the siblings ensued, with its profound acrimony, the shared group of friends surprisingly did not choose sides.”

“All the mutual acquaintances I’ve encountered find themselves comprehending both perspectives – William’s protective stance towards the monarchy, as he perceives it, and Harry’s protectiveness over his spouse. Love versus duty. This is precisely what renders the situation so heartrending,” Lacey concluded.