Prince Harry’s Fury: William and Charles Decline Birthday Invite – Whose Loyalty Concerns You?

Prince Harry found himself in a state of frustration as both Prince William and King Charles declined his invitation to celebrate his 39th birthday. This situation raised questions about where their loyalties lie.

On his special day, Prince Harry received some light-hearted teasing from the palace, as it seemed that Prince William and King Charles were giving him the cold shoulder. The royal family, on the other hand, chose to highlight a heartwarming post about Prince William and Princess Catherine’s outing to Hartford for a race, seemingly overlooking Prince Harry’s birthday festivities.

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were celebrating his birthday in Germany, Prince William and King Charles paid a visit to Mildly Primary Schools and engaged with a local mental health charity. 

Interestingly, the photographs from their visit were shared on the Royal Family’s official social media accounts on September 15th, coinciding with Prince Harry’s birthday. The caption read, “The Prince and Princess of Wales have visited the Mildly Primary Schools for school and met with a local mental health charity, Farming Minds, both partners with the Duchy of Cornwall.”

This year, there was a notable absence of birthday wishes from the royal family, which had previously acknowledged Prince Harry’s birthdays in 2020 and 2021. It is believed that these omissions stemmed from unresolved tensions between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family. Jenny Bond, a former Royal correspondent for the BBC, suggested that Prince William had no intentions of reconciling their feud and had chosen to ignore Harry on his birthday, possibly due to being deeply hurt by his brother’s claims

Notably, Prince Harry wasn’t the only family member refraining from acknowledging his birthday. Even King Charles, Prince Harry’s own father, did not publicly wish his son a happy birthday, despite having paid tribute to him in the past. The entire royal family decided not to share birthday wishes with Prince Harry this year.

Traditionally, Prince Harry’s birthday would be announced in the court circular with accompanying bell tolls and gun salutes. However, this year, his birthday listing was placed below several others, including a model, a comedian, the Queen of Spain, and a star from “Miss Brown’s Boys.” Nevertheless, he did rank above Piers Morgan’s father-in-law, providing some consolation.

It’s worth noting that his professional designations as a philanthropist, founder of the Invictus Games, and his involvement with AUA were notably absent from the announcement.

Currently, Meghan and Harry are in Dusseldorf, Germany, attending this year’s Invictus Games. On the previous day, Prince Harry participated in various sporting activities, including cycling, archery, table tennis, and sitting volleyball. The games commenced at 7:30 a.m. local time. These Invictus Games hold a special place in Prince Harry’s heart, as he founded them in 2014 and produced the “Heart of Invictus” documentary with Netflix, showcasing the experiences of ex-military personnel who participated in last year’s games.