Prince William confesses that he continues to be influenced by his mother Princess Diana

Prince William has confessed in a recent podcast that his mother, the late Princess Diana, continues to give him life lessons since she would have taught him from a very young age to see homeless people in a certain way.

According to the media close to the royal family, Lady Di was a very attentive person with her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, imposing them on anything. It is also said that Princess Diana included an empathetic education for her children, and left an unbreakable mark on them, a mark that would help them grow as people.

Last Thursday the Prince of Wales spoke about his late mother’s legacy and spoke a little about the charity Groundswell, where he opened up and said that this had helped him see the truth about the painful reality that women go through. people without a home.

The prince also revealed that his interest in helping the homeless began thanks to Princess Diana taking him with her to visit The Passage, and he assured that this helped him open his eyes and see beyond what many figures with power cannot. “It helped me discover an important part of society that I didn’t know.”

Now Prince William has become the leader of the organization, Centrepoint, a charity aid center for homeless youth, of which his mother, Princess Diana, was head.