Robert Pattinson was criticized after appearing in a skirt at an event

Pattinson attracted attention when he appeared wearing a skirt at a recent Dior show

The Batman actor made a bold style choice when he appeared at a fashion show in Paris wearing a blue tweed skirt. To complete this chic look, he wore a fur jacket, high socks, and a pair of black leather boots.

Pattinson is the latest celebrity to put the spotlight on men’s skirts, like other celebrities, including Brad Pitt, who was also seen with this look recently. The trend has made more men feel comfortable with their feminine side, sending the message that skirts on men should not automatically be associated with the desire to dress like a woman.

But like almost everyone, Pattinson also had insecurities and he hasn’t always felt comfortable with his body and his image.

He may have sported his daring garment at the Dior show, but he hasn’t always dared to do something like that. Some time ago, the actor revealed that he had suffered from anxiety and body dysmorphia, a disorder characterized by an obsession with one or several flaws and imperfections perceived in his own appearance.

“I don’t have six-pack abs and I hate going to the gym. I’ve been like this all my life. “I never want to take off my shirt.” In an interview, he said that, during the filming of Twilight, the production team asked him to take off his shirt, but “I think they chose to ask me to put it back on.”

The celebrity admitted to trying various diet methods, one of which was eating potatoes as a way to detox. “It was just boiled potatoes and pink Himalayan salt. Apparently, it’s to promote cleanliness… and you definitely lose weight.”

He also tried the ketogenic diet. “I’ve basically tried every fad diet you can imagine. But I have never been consistent.” So Pattinson has set precisely that as a priority goal for 2023: to be more consistent with his eating habits.

When asked how he got in shape for the role of Batman, the actor replied: “I think when you work out all the time, you end up being part of the problem. You set a precedent. Nobody did that in the ’70s. Not even James Dean was exactly muscular.”

Pattinson was widely criticized for his statement, but the actor later explained that he didn’t want to talk about his own workout routine because it was “pretty embarrassing when you start answering questions about your workouts, because there’s always going to be a guy who’s in better shape.” than you.”

He added that the intense pressure to look impeccable also affects men, even those of the younger generation. “Yes, it’s crazy. It is very, very easy to submit to the rules. Even if you are just controlling your calorie intake, it is already extremely addictive.”