Russell Brand was accused by four women of harassment

One of the leaders of unconventional humor was accused by different people, although he denies that this is true.

Russell Brand has been accused by four different women of having harassed them, according to reports.

Brand denied the accusations through his social networks, which he has maintained and used in the last 7 years during the time of his greatest fame. In the message sent to his followers, he assured them that it was a time when he was “promiscuous”, but that it was always about consensual relationships.

This contradicts what was reported by one of the women, whose identity of course remains anonymous, who says she was barely 16 years old when Brand, 31, had a three-month relationship with her that included certain harassment. Another of the women claims to have been attacked after a meeting with him in Los Angeles, where she even received a response after being told that “when a woman says no, it means no”, to which the actor said “Very sorry” for his actions.

Another victim claims to have suffered physical and psychological violence, while another claims to have been attacked while she was working with him, and she was threatened with legal retaliation if she reported him.

As mentioned, the actor claims to have had consensual relationships, and that the media takes advantage of the “agenda” to publish the allegations of the four women. Furthermore, he assures that discussing this with transparency is necessary, but that it is mixed with what he calls an agenda, and he closes by asking if there is “another one that can be considered.”