Ryan Gosling gained more than 20 kilos for a role, but the result was heartbreaking

No one can deny that Ryan Gosling’s popularity has increased since the release of the movie Barbie, where he plays the famous doll’s faithful companion.

However, despite already having a successful career, in his professional life he has had to face some bumps in the road, such as the one in which, due to a lack of communication, he missed out on playing a role in a film that came to be nominated for an Oscar.

In a surprising turn of events in Hollywood, movie star Ryan Gosling was caught up in a misunderstanding that led to him being fired from a movie just days before filming began. With a career on the rise and established prestige in the industry, no one expected Gosling to face such an unexpected situation.

The details of this unusual episode have left fans baffled and eager to learn how a simple misunderstanding could have such a devastating impact on Gosling’s chance at the film project. Join us to discover the behind-the-scenes of this fascinating event and how it affected the career of the acclaimed actor.

Ryan Gosling, the actor who we see playing the role of Barbie’s sidekick on the big screen, revealed that, throughout his career, he has faced some situations that would have left anyone with a bad memory. He had intended to be part of the cast of a film but, despite the physical transformation he underwent for it, he said he was kicked out of the project just a few days before the start of filming.

The protagonist of La La Land was preparing to develop the character of Jack Salmon, the father of Saoirse Ronan’s character in From My Heaven, although he ended up being replaced due to confusion between him and his director, Peter Jackson. “We didn’t talk much during the pre-production process, which was a problem,” Gosling said. “It was a huge job and there were so many things to deal with that he couldn’t attend to the actors individually. So, when I showed up on set I realized I was wrong.”

Since there was no good description of what the character should look like, the Diaries of a Passion actor thought that Jackson had told him that he should appear to weigh 96 kilos, so Ryan set out to gain 27 kilos. To achieve this, Gosling began drinking countless tubs of melted ice cream whenever he felt thirsty.

“We had a different idea of what my character should look like,” were his words about the misunderstanding that arose and the reason why he had to abandon the project. “I was left fat and jobless.”

On the other hand, the film’s screenwriter and Peter Jackson’s wife, Fran Walsh, assures that things did not turn out exactly that way. According to Walsh, it was Ryan himself who approached them to tell them that he felt he was not the right actor for the character, since he was too young to see himself as the father of a teenage girl. However, the production insisted that this was not a problem and that they could increase his age through the use of special effects. Finally, the discomfort that he presented with the role ended up convincing the work team that, as he indicated, he was not the right one for that film.