Salma Hayek remembers the day she was almost killed

Salma Hayek has received her star on the Walk of Fame where she has recalled a terrifying moment that she experienced when she was walking through the area in the 90s and they were about to kill her.

Salma Hayek already has her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, specifically the Mexican Star 2709, and her name appears alongside other celebrities from the world of cinema next to the Chinese Theater or the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

The actress has been accompanied by many of her loved ones at this event, such as her daughter Valentina and her husband, François-Henri Pinault. But, in addition, Salma Hayek has been supported by some of her professional colleagues such as Chloé Zhao, the director of ‘Eternals’, and the actor Adam Sandler, with whom she starred in ‘Big Kids’.

Thus, Zhao said about the actress: “Salma is a person of incredible talent and compassion,” Zhao said. “She is a woman brave enough to walk… her way. And never let anyone pigeonhole her.”

But the most impressive words were those of Salma herself, who offered a speech that left no one indifferent. Salma Hayek began by talking about the racism she has suffered over the years, both inside and outside the film industry.

The moment she was attacked at knifepoint
In addition, Salma Hayek wanted to remember one of the most terrifying moments that she suffered right on the Walk of Fame in the early 90s when some of her friends went to visit her in Los Angeles.

“We strolled down the street, and a destitute man lay on the ground, utterly shattered,” she begins, recounting the unsettling incident. She recalls that this man initially jeered at her, but she chose to ignore his provocation. However, the situation escalated dramatically. “He took offense, abruptly rose to his feet, brandished a knife, and began pursuing me, attempting to harm me,” she explains.

Desperation set in, and she attempted to seek help from bystanders by imploring someone to call the police. Sadly, no one came to their aid. “Ultimately, we sought refuge in a nearby store, utterly drained and terrified. We scrambled onto the counter, and I grabbed a makeshift weapon, a stick, to defend ourselves,” she continues to narrate the harrowing encounter.

Fortunately, the dire situation took a positive turn when two men, as it turns out, members of the Hells Angels, entered the store and intervened, putting an end to the impending threat. Salma Hayek reflects on this traumatic episode, questioning the reason for sharing such a story. She candidly asks, “Why am I recounting this tale?” Her response is a poignant one: “Because each time I think of Hollywood Boulevard, that’s the memory that haunts me. Truth be told, on that night, as I returned home, I asked myself, ‘What am I doing here? Does anyone truly want me here? I nearly lost my life today.'”

However, amidst the haunting recollections, Salma finds solace in the healing power of this particular ceremony. It has allowed her to confront and discuss the memories that once made her early days in the United States so challenging. This cathartic experience has, in the end, provided a sense of closure and renewal, offering her a path to move forward from those unsettling times.