Sara Carbonero shares her thoughts after becoming a mother for the second time

The presenter has spoken with Sara Sálamo about how she really felt after giving birth to Lucas in 2016.

Like every week, Sara Carbonero has returned to the radio and has done so with an exceptional guest whom she considers a true friend of hers. Her namesake, Sara Sálamo, has come to Que siga el baile to talk about her new film The Year of Fury, where she shares scenes with Maribel Verdú or Daniel Grao. In addition, they have also commented on one of the most important things that they both have in common: motherhood. The actress has always been very sincere when it comes to the process and discovery of her as her mother, postpartum difficulties, and other issues that, for many years, have preferred to remain private.

Sara Carbonero had already made it clear in her last conversation with Toñi Moreno that her pregnancies were not as idyllic as they might seem. This Tuesday, the journalist declared herself a true fan of Sara Sálamo’s way of sharing the bad times she has gone through: “I have learned a lot from you; she is like an open book, supernatural. How she tells it, normally, and as far as she wants,” she explained, referring to the protagonist of Brigada Costa del Sol. That is why she asked her to tell her what the great change of motherhood had been like for her: “She had a lot of information about the pregnancy but nothing about the postpartum: then it made me very sad, I felt terrible,” the actress confessed, opening up to her friend.

Sara Carbonero, for her part, admitted that, although she has not been so public about her difficulties, she considers that they are something that most of the female population faces: “It is something that does not come in the books, but then if you go deeper, 90% of women identify with you. For the communicator, one of the moments that marked her was when she gave birth to her second child, Lucas, and the moment she left the Ruber Clinic with her child in her arms and Iker at side her. Then the media reported how good she looked about her and she admitted that’s not how she remembers it: “I’m not great, I don’t feel great.”

In addition, they have also shared the experience of choosing what to wear to go out to have their photos taken: “More than choosing it is discarding, I wore a dress that was a bag, that looked terrible on me, and I was horrible,” admitted Sara Carbonero, referring to the loose garment in which she left the medical center in 2016 after giving birth to her second child. Just like she did with Toñi Moreno, the presenter from La Mancha wanted to praise Sara Sálamo for the awareness work she does with the population to make known the less beautiful side of being a mother. “Since I had a bad time, I thought it was fair that other women knew my truth about motherhood,” responded Isco Alarcón’s partner, with whom she has two children: Theo and Piero. And although the interpreter has been described as a coward, the journalist has insisted on highlighting the courage it takes to speak openly about bad times.