Story Time

Seeing her daughter’s face her own mother abandoned her! This is how her LIFE turned out YEARS later

This unusual story goes back to 2013, when a young girl named Sarah Kong from the United States went to work as a volunteer at a health center in Haiti. It is also worth noting that from an early age, Sarah distinguished herself from her friends by her compassion in it and kind heart.

More than once, she picked up abandoned sick cats and dogs, and then, with the help of her parents, she found them new homes. Even back then, little Sarah dreamed of dedicating herself to helping poor and sick people. But she could never have imagined that just one trip would change her whole life forever.

After the devastating earthquake in 2010, many Haitians were left on the streets. This included young children who had lost their parents. Poverty, grief and disease reigned here. That’s what the young girl was fighting against. In fact, it was there that this life changing encounter took place.

One day, a young woman with a three month old baby walked into the hospital, and that would be okay. But it was enough just to look at the baby, and it became clear therapeutic procedures will not help her. She will definitely need serious medical intervention. Little Nicki, that was her name had a huge head, which was a sign of hydrocephalus. For those who don’t know, it is a dangerous condition in which excess fluid accumulates in the brain and intracranial pressure rises.

The survival rate for babies born with hydrocephalus is only 3%, and that just meant that the girl had to be rescued. As expected, Sarah immediately tried to arrange a neurosurgical consultation for the girl, but very quickly she encountered her first problems. The fact is that there are very few specialists in this poor country and there were none at all who could help this particular child.

Moreover, no one wanted to take care of the child as they thought she was hopeless. And as there were so many people who also needed help, it was decided to let things drift on anyway.

This would have been the end of Nikki’s story, but I think, as you can see, it was only the beginning. It’s hard to believe, but Sarah decided not to give up on the baby and started taking her to doctors herself from the small town where her hospital was located to the capital of Haiti, Porto, France. For six days, Sarah and Nikki couldn’t get to a surgeon, and only after a week of attempts, she managed to show the girl to a specialist. The first surgery was after two months. Everything seemed to be getting better in this story, but Sarah couldn’t imagine what would happen next.

When the recovery period was over, Sarah received a phone call from the hospital staff who said that no one was coming for her. The young woman who brought her to the hospital was Nikki’s biological mother, but for some reason she was in no hurry to take her home.

As she later found out, superstitions about Physical Deformity Abounded in Haiti, and the biological mother Was ashamed of her child, it Was only Through Long Conversations That Sarah managed to persuade her mother To Take the baby Home, In Fact, she even offered to help and visited Nikki a few times A week At Her house, this Went on for A While.

After About Two Months, the mother stopped contacting Sarah. She tried to call her For A Week, And When she Realized She Couldn’t Get Through, she went to their house, she was shocked to find the eleven month old Lying In The Middle Of A Mountain Of Rubbish While Her mother Was Away, she had simply Walked Away, Leaving the baby girl behind.

The almost one year old baby Weighed less than 3 Kg, Half of which was water that had accumulated in her skull, that’s when it became clear to Sarah that this Couldn’t Go On, she waited until the mother Returned in the evening and offered to Formally Relinquish her Daughter In Her favor, I don’t think It will Come As A Surprise To anyone that the woman Agreed Without Even Thinking About It, The Legal Formalities were Sorted out In A Few Days, But By Then, the girl’s Organs Had Already Begun To Fail. The Doctors seriously Feared That Nikki Might not Survive Her first Birthday To Save The Baby, Who Was already her daughter. Now, Sarah got on the phone And Started calling doctors in the USA.

It Took her almost A day to find doctors from the US Who Came To Haiti And fed Nikki Through an IV, So it was Half A year Until Nikki Recovered. In May 2015, Sarah Left Haiti With a girl in America.

The little girl Had Another Surgery, Which Reduced the Circumference Of Her Head by 5 CM, And The girl began a new Life In a Foster Family. Today, Nicky Lives In South Louisiana With Sarah And Her Boyfriend. The girl Is Under regular Medical Supervision And Is Growing Steadily

She is Growing and Learning About The World Around her and Playing With Other children and Never Ceases to Please her Mother. In Addition, the girl has no memory Of What It Was Like At The Beginning Of Her Journey and, of course, Is happy To Have her loving And Kind Mother By her side, well, this Story Proves once Again that a mother Is Not The one Who Gave Birth To Her Child.

A mother is one Who Cares, Nurtures And surrounds you With Love. A mother is A State Of Mind, friends, that’s it for today.