Shakira told the moment in which she found out about Piqué’s betrayal

The last few months have been a complete up and down of emotions for Shakira. The Colombian woman’s life, her relationships, and her family have been exposed to the public eye by transcending her breakup with her ex-partner, but above all the infidelities that caused it.

Although her face and different news about her have appeared in the media every week since she exploited this whole situation, little or nothing was known about how the singer has experienced it and is experiencing it, until a few days ago. In a sincere and hard interview that we talk about below, Shak opened her heart.

It is often said that “we see faces, we do not know hearts,” and in Shakira’s case that applied for quite some time. While the singer continued with her projects, her career, and her music, trying to show her best smile to the public, few knew of the real pain that invaded her.

In mid-2022, everything began to go wrong for Shakira, who commented, “Everything came together, my home was falling apart.” Not only was she involved in a notorious that was on every news channel, but her father’s health began to deteriorate.

The separation between the popular singer and former soccer player Gerard Piqué began. A breakup that, far from being friendly or by mutual agreement, was a situation that arose due to the, already more than evident, infidelity of Piqué with the until then unknown, Clara Chía.

Shakira witnessed the gradual and irreparable fracturing of her relationship, which had lasted for over 12 years, along with her family, which included two children. She recounted, “[My father] came to Barcelona to comfort me during my deep sadness following my separation, and it was during Milan’s first communion that he suffered a severe accident.”

Discovering the infidelity of the person with whom you share your life and have formed a family can be terrible and devastating, but discovering it through the press while your father is in a more than delicate health situation, can undoubtedly cause some, of your heart to break into a thousand pieces.

“I found out from the press that she had been betrayed while my father was in the ICU. I thought he wouldn’t survive that long. [The] man I have loved most in my life, my father, left me when I needed him most, but I couldn’t talk to him or receive the advice from my best friend that I would have needed so much,” Shakira commented.

William, Shakira’s father, made a remarkable recovery and celebrated another birthday with his family, bringing a glimmer of hope to the popular singer. She shared, “His journey to recovery has been incredibly challenging and gradual, yet he remains an incredible man with a heartwarming personality, constantly astonishing us with his strength. He has triumphed over COVID-19, survived two accidents, battled pneumonia, and endured five surgeries, all within less than six months, at the age of 91. My father serves as the ultimate testament to resilience, and my mother stands faithfully by his side, caring for him day and night.”

With the wounds still open from everything that was happening around her, Shakira decided to focus on what she loved most, her children, her parents, and her music. Between notes and songs, the Barranquilla woman found the peace and calm that she needed so much to be able to begin to heal.

“Music saved my life and gave me wings to fly. He allowed me to be myself, and he rescued me in the most difficult moments. It connected with who I truly am when I felt like I was lost. When I didn’t recognize myself, music was my mirror,” she stated.

With some strength gathered and a great desire to leave the pain behind and face a new stage of her life together with her little ones Sasha and Milan, the interpreter of Monotonía, she packed all her things and headed off to Miami. “They, for me, are everything, they are the reason for my life. They inject me with indescribable strength every day, and they also fill my daily life with joy.”

Recently, a new song from the Colombian surprised the world. In it she is accompanied by her children on voice and piano, to sing with great feeling about the situation they had experienced. A lyric and music that sounds like redemption from sorrows, close to a caress for the soul and capable of moving even the tears with which they seem to be shelving the bad.