Silvina Luna had surgery more than 10 years ago but something went wrong

She rose to popularity during the second season of the reality show Big Brother in Argentina and since then his presence in the media has remained constant. However, in 2010 an unforeseen event forced her to reconfigure her career and her life completely.

In 2010, Silvina Luna chose to undergo cosmetic surgery with a doctor known as “the celebrity surgeon,” who performed liposuction mixed her fat with methacrylate, and then injected it into her buttocks.

The actress’s situation began to get complicated in 2013, but it was not until July 2014 that she decided to make her health condition public. At that time, after the news spread of her hospitalization at the Italian Hospital due to kidney problems, Silvina decided to use her social networks to reassure her followers: “I’m fine, under observation due to renal colic,” she wrote without providing more details.

A few days later, she returned to the topic and mentioned the controversial surgeon for the first time, recounting her experience: “My work is closely linked to image and there are many pressures to comply with certain stereotypes. When I was younger, I decided to undergo surgery to further improve my appearance. I placed my trust in a doctor and, unfortunately, I received toxic substances in my body. “I feel obliged to share my experience with other girls who are going through similar situations.”

Little by little, as time passed and her health deteriorated, she gave more details about her condition and confessed that at the age of 30 at that time, she had to undergo the same care and restrictions as an older woman: “ The kidney and other things were affected. In a sense, I feel like my life has been ruined. The problem was diagnosed in 2013, and since then I have to go to the doctor once a week and take more than one medication a day.”

Silvina lived in anguish, not knowing how she would feel the next day: “I am afraid and this anguish has affected all aspects of my life, both psychologically and in general. “It has already been confirmed that the product they injected me with is prohibited.” In addition to her, many other girls trusted the same professional and saw her health seriously affected. Thus, accompanied by them, she decided to take the case to court and sue her surgeon for “malpractice.”

Unfortunately, from 2017 onwards her health worsened and she had to be hospitalized and undergo surgery several times because her kidney functions were destabilized. It happens that the substance that was injected into her buttocks during her surgery caused poisoning that caused hypercalcemia and kidney failure.

Her situation got even worse earlier this year when she announced that her kidneys were not working on their own and she needed a transplant. Months later, in April, she was shown from a clinic undergoing dialysis.

Faithful to her style of showing her step by step on the networks, at the beginning of June Silvina made a post from her Instagram account about her about to enter the operating room. They were going to sedate her to inject her with intravenous medication. Her objective was to combat a bacteria that she had had in her body for some time and prevent any possibility of a transplant, in addition to putting her life at risk.

That was her last appearance, just four days later she was admitted to intensive care with respiratory assistance. The bacteria entered the bloodstream and caused widespread deterioration. To this day she remains intubated.

In February 2022, the plastic surgeon was sentenced to four years in prison and five years of disqualification from practicing medicine. This decision was based on the evidence presented of “serious injuries” inflicted on four of his patients. The damage was caused by using a filler that contained polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, which is prohibited in certain areas of the body and in quantities that exceed those recommended by the scientific community.

However, despite the convictions against him, he is still practicing and with current registration. From here we wish that justice be done and we join the good wishes towards the actress, which have flooded the networks since last month.