Six Secrets that Maria Felix kept about the majesty of her beauty

Maria Felix, alias La Doña or María Bonita, whose mark on Mexico’s golden cinema has been indelible, has conquered borders to mark a before and after. She was a woman who stood out for her exceptional and unmatched beauty, which at the same time radiated power and security from her.

  1. Maria Felix’s impressive long eyelashes were made of pig hair

Wanting to have striking and long eyelashes is not something of today. According to the writer Miguel Sabido, the Mexican diva did not have naturally perfect eyelashes, so she hired a woman to buy pigs and, with a lot of patience and dedication, remove their hair to place them in Félix’s eyes. It took her about an hour a day to do this, but in the end, she achieved the effect she wanted.

  1. Maria Felix’s waist was very narrow because she had surgery

On the other hand, according to Miguel Sabido, María Félix turned to a specialist surgeon to remove two ribs on one side and another two on the other and thus refine her slender figure. Miguel commented that it was crazy for her to do that because it was very risky, but her decision to be the most beautiful woman in the world had no limits, and she achieved it.

  1. Rice powder for the face

The secrets behind María Félix’s unmatched beauty are mostly home remedies. According to some stylists, she possibly used rice powder to set her makeup and prevent her face from shining due to natural oiliness.

It should be noted that this trick has been widely used in the world, especially by Asian women, who apply it to maintain skin freshness and an even tone.

  1. Maria Felix washed her hair once a week to keep her hair impeccable

The Mexican diva washed her hair infrequently; specifically, once a week. The reason was that she loved her high and voluptuous hairstyles, as they made her look more stylish, young, and put together.

Some experts on the subject suggest that it is better not to wash your hair daily because constant rinsing weakens hair follicles, making hair prone to falling out and becoming brittle.

  1. Bichectomy did not exist, so she decided to remove teeth to refine her face.

For La Doña, there were no limits when it came to beauty. According to Miguel Sabido, the protagonist of the film Doña Bárbara removed two teeth on each side of her to refine her face and make her cheekbones stand out.

  1. Maria Felix didn’t allow herself to be bent, she always stood up very straight.

One of María Bonita’s well-known phrases was: “Beauty begins at the soles of the feet,” referring to always maintaining a straight posture. And she demonstrated it with the demeanor that she showed in her films and even in her photographs. Well, standing up straight sends the message that you are confident, secure, and comfortable.