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Son came to say goodbye to his mother, He notices something strange And stops the Funeral

Son came to say goodbye to his mother. He notices something strange and stops the funeral. Her son gave her a life chance to save her life. Once again, she suffered a lot from abused stepfather who wanted her death every time he come to house and in her funeral he was faking his cry. She met a certain man who is well known in the world of cloth imports, so they soon became close at first.

It was a relationship that revolved around business, but julia’s sympathy kept frank awake at night who saw her as a prize to conquer the stage of the conquest and her courtship lasted approximately a year in which sam dedicated himself to showering her with attention, gifts and compliments. Sam wanted to take my business away from me. He would be disappointed in how small it is. He has an emporium that he runs from a very young age. He doesn’t need another business to run edward.

Looking at the ledger. He was reviewing grumbling under his breath at least make sure you won’t put the company at risk. That’S all i ask you. It turned out that edward’s suspicions about sam weren’t just mistrust a few months later, julia announced to sam. Eventually they get engaged when she was pregnant.

The hard-working woman was beside herself with happiness when she went to tell her fiance the big news. All her illusions came crashing down. I know we haven’t talked about this, but the truth is that i’m married – and i can’t give you my last name to another child other than my wife and mine, that would destroy my reputation. Julia felt that all her illusions were shattered married and you weren’t going to tell me anything. You aren’t going to get a divorce either no julia.

The truth is that i wasn’t planning to ask you to marry me. I just wanted our relationship to continue as it is now. Would you be? Julia could not believe that the person she’d loved so much and with whom she saw herself grow old, was actually a cynical and shameless being at truly despicable levels, totally broken. She went to her house in search of comfort.

Edward received her with a serious face, but he told her to count on him to support her in everything i suspected him from the beginning julia, but it doesn’t matter anymore. This child will be yours and it will be mine. Woman felt very sad that she couldn’t give her child a father, but little allen didn’t care whenever they asked him. She took risks with new businesses. She became interested again in keeping up with all the trends in handmade crafts and making sure that she was always ahead of the curve in a new stage.

She lost a lot of money, but everything she lost. She recovered and she won twice as much all this. While she was taking care of raising alan who was barely aware of all the responsibility that his mother had one day, edward noticed that his sister was weakening rapidly. So he didn’t hesitate to take her to the hospital to do a pertinent test. After a couple, weeks of tests came up with a diagnosis which was completely shocking.

Mrs arnold, i give you this sad news, but what you have is breast cancer. The disease can attack at any time and until now its cause is unknown due to the stage in which the tumor is found, it’s possible to treat it with chemotherapy, but you can already imagine the risks and consequences of the treatment. Juliet, don’t worry, everything will be fine. I promise you whatever you decide to do things will be fine. Julia took her brother’s hand tightly and smiled at him.

It was a smile full of fear, but she wanted to show him that his words gave her strength. Edward now i have to make sure that alan lacks nothing. If i can’t be there for him, will you promise to help me alan? I need you to listen to me for a moment. The boy found his mother’s serious tone strange since she was always joking and laughing.

He sat at the kitchen table expecting some kind of scolding son. I know that what i’m going to tell you can scare you a lot. You always have your uncle and grandmother. I wanted you to be aware of everything, therefore, that you don’t feel like i’m hiding important things from you and just tell you that i’m proud of you, and that i always love you alan felt that his world was falling apart. He couldn’t conceive of a world without his mother during the following months, julius submitted to all the recommendations of her treating doctor.

She looked at all option and alternative treatments, but more and more she felt that her body was failing. Julia’S mother had also practically moved into the hospital, so the room was always full of activity and joy. No one commented on julia’s increasing weakness or that the treatments didn’t seem to be working working. They all took turns alan clung with all of his faith that somehow his mother would recover, but after just five months, julia gave her last breath. It was a very quiet death early in the morning, surrounded by her loved ones, watching one of her favorite movies.

She managed to kiss her son and tell him how much she loved him, and then she fell asleep and never woke. Up again, only alan was desperate when he saw the beep that announced that his mother no longer had a pulse. The nurses and the doctors on duty arrived to disconnect julia from the piles of cables and declare the time of death. Allen went out with his grandmother to cry in one of the hospital corridors. They had not spent 30 minutes when an elegant man approached them, ignoring the deep pain of the scene.

Alan, i don’t know how you’ll take it, but i’m your father, my name, is sam allen froze up hearing the man’s confession, but his grandmother immediately began to insult him. Suddenly everything became violent and confusing for the boy. His grandmother kept insulting the man who had confessed to being his father, the man left after he reached the safety of the hospital, but before he told them, i’m here to look for alan he’s, my son, and you can’t stop me from meeting him. The boy didn’t know what to do with it all the information he thought. Maybe it was a lie told by a deranged man, but as for his grandmother, she told his uncle edward was very upset and made allen promise.

Never to speak to that man again from that moment, things started to happen very fast. Sam went to julia’s house the next day, accompanied by police officers and lawyers. Edward tried to stop him from talking to the boy, but to no avail, because he’d gotten a judge’s order, alan felt uncomfortable, but he felt that he had no choice but to talk to the man for at least a few minutes. Alan. I’M very sorry about your mother’s death and how we met, but i couldn’t wait to see you to see you while your mom was alive, she didn’t.

Let me meet you or be in your life. I don’t know what they told you about me, but i assure you that it’s not what you think i just want to be there for you, for whatever need alan looked at his uncle. Looking for what to say, john returned a supportive look. Well, the truth is that we didn’t talk about you. My mom told me that you couldn’t get to know me or take care of me, and the truth is that i didn’t care because i always had my uncle.

The truth is, i didn’t, need you. The elegant merchant was speechless at the boy’s response, but immediately recovered his spirits and said well what your mother told you is not entirely true. I’D like to tell you everything that happened, but we’ll have time. The truth is that i’ve also come to claim you as my son. I want you to come with me and meet your brothers, so we’ll have the chance to get to know each other better, but alan remained silent, not knowing what to say the house.

The house was filled with shouts and threats until the police decided that the visit had lasted too long and they should leave once they left. Alan took edward’s hand and a broken voice told him uncle. I don’t want to go with that man, i’m scared. I don’t want to leave my house edward hugged his nephew promising him that he would never let that man take him anywhere. The next day was julia’s funeral.

No less than two hundred people came to the venue. Many of them were people whom julia had helped in some way allen felt lost, hugging his grandmother. He saw person after person say goodbye to his mother at every moment. He wanted to get into that urn and accompany his mother to wherever she was around nine. In the morning he heard a racket at the door of the chapel.

They had rented as he got closer. He could see that it was his uncle and his father who were arguing again. He moved closer to listen, better frank, be reasonable, he’s barely a child, a child he’s just lost his mother. If you take him now, it’ll be terrible for him at least try to gain his trust. No, i will not wait any longer.

I’Ve waited 11 years. You’Ve planted tears against me in his mind, i’m taking him away today. The law is on my side. Listening to the discussion, fear and pain made alan lose his nerve and ran to his mother’s coffin, where they prepared to say their last words before taking her to the cemetery. He hugged the coffin amid screams and sobs, declaring that he wasn’t going anywhere, i’m not going to go with anyone.

I just want to go with my mom in the midst of the scandal and the struggle of the attendees tried to remove the child from the coffin and thus continue to the cemetery. Alan saw something protruding from the interior decorations of the coffin. He noted that there were white sheets and he could read the words testament and alan immediately started screaming again. There’S something in the casket there’s something in the casket there’s something in the casket. Something is in there.

It says my name and it says we’ll open it. Those who were fighting to remove alan from the coffin came closer to see what the boy was talking about. All those who approached managed to see the papers that alan was talking about edward saw them too. He knew there was something strange. He immediately ordered the wake to stop, so he could open the coffin when they finally managed to remove the sheets.

They realized that they were all signed, copies of julia’s will, where they were available, that the only heir to the company was alan and the caretaker of the inheritance until he turned 18 would be edward. It turned out that sam upon learning that julia was about to die, decided to keep her company by adopting alan.

He bribed one of edward’s assistants to mix up the papers and put julia’s legal will inside her coffin, leaving a false will where he would be responsible for the company until alan turned 18 years old, finding himself discovered sam disappeared once again, leaving no trace. Allen was left in the care of his uncle and his grandmother. He grew up knowing that nothing could replace the spirit of

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