Story Time

Stranger asks model to marry him with £8k bung – her reaction was interesting

Model Kerolay Chaves received a bank transfer of $10,000 – roughly £8,932.75 – and a marriage proposal accompanied it. It turns out getting down on one knee wasn’t an option for this fan.

A stranger asked a model to marry him – and sent her over £8,000 along with the marriage proposal. Kerolay Chaves, 21, received a transfer of $10,000 (£8,932.75) together with an essential message. According to the influencer, she received a notification on her mobile phone notifying her of a PayPal transfer, but the contact was unknown. When the model opened the message, there was a very important question waiting to be read. A mysterious bloke wrote: “Will you marry me?”
“I thought that was crazy [laughs],” said Kerolay. “But I didn’t accept the request, of course. It’s not something I’m looking for right now. “If the person wanted to get my attention, they succeeded.”

zebbi Qries