The advice that Queen Letizia gave to Maria Hervas

The Madrid actress María Hervás had a meeting with Queen Letizia Ortiz at an important dinner held a few days ago and she was able to receive advice from the royal, who left her shocked regarding her great management of social networks.

María Hervás is an outstanding Spanish actress who knew how to earn her place over the years and today she is a well-known artist throughout the national territory. Beyond the fact that she has many fans, what was not expected was that one of them is Queen Letizia Ortiz herself, with whom she had a funny conversation.

“I have a personal admiration for her, beyond the fact that she is queen, apart from the title, but I have admiration for her because I had the opportunity, through the Princess of Girona Foundation, to share a dinner with her and some personal moments”, the 36-year-old actress began explaining.

The protagonist of the series Alpha Males, released last year on Netflix, explained what she feels for the mother of Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor of Asturias: “It is an admiration from woman to woman, from human being to human being.”.

In addition, he highlighted that the wife of Felipe VI is attentive to everything that happens around her: “She is a brave, cultured, prepared, super interested woman. I remember when I met her, she knew everything about me because she had done the exercise to find out. He knew he was going to have dinner with me and he had the respect to find out.

And, apparently, Queen Letizia Ortiz uses social networks a lot to inform herself. As a former journalist, she knows well where to look for information and that is why she was investigating María Hervás’ Instagram account.

The advice that Queen Letizia Ortiz gave to the actress María Hervás
“He told me about my Instagram, and he gave me advice. He told me ‘I follow your colleagues, I hope you don’t fall into certain profiles that other people have that I don’t like too much,'” commented the actress who has 136 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Instagram and often posts content related to her work, as well as modeling photos and poetic messages.

It is still not known who the Asturian woman was referring to with the phrase “certain profiles that other people have that I don’t like too much”, without a doubt the advice came very clearly to the protagonist of El Pueblo.

“For me, Letizia is a wonderful woman. Now far from the concept of monarchy, she is the one who fascinates me and I wish her the best,” concluded María Hervás.