The call between Prince Harry and Kate Middleton that angered Prince William

The controversies behind closed doors of the royal family continue to give rise to talk, showing how bad the relationship between Lady Di’s two children is.

The royal family is experiencing one of its most controversial times in the public eye, since the separation of Lady Di from the now King Charles III, and the focus is on Prince Harry’s relationship with his brother William.

Since the youngest of the heirs decided to ignore royal obligations and embarked on a trip to the United States with his wife Meghan Markle, airing all kinds of secrets of the British crown, the reproaches have not ceased for a second. One of those who has judged this action the most has been Kate Middleton.

The wife of the future king of England and Prince William never accepted Meghan Markle as Prince Harry’s partner. In fact, Lady Di’s oldest son always considered that the actress was not up to the social class to which her brother belongs.

This has made dialogue between them less and less frequent, to the point of not even officially greeting Harry’s wife for her birthday last August. According to internal sources, Kate Middleton has a lot to do with it.

The Princess of Wales prohibited her husband Prince William from contacting her brother in the United States while he remained married to the Suits actress. However, if new information is confirmed, it would mean that it was all her personal strategy.

Apparently, a version was leaked that claims that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have secret phone calls hidden from her husband, Prince William. He in turn would have found out and would have exploded with fury.

According to reports, the Princess of Wales would be supporting the smallest of the princes during this situation, letting him know that he has a friend of hers in him. This was revealed by the site Closer Weekly, which claims that “Kate has contacted Prince Harry to tell him to keep his head up and for her not to worry too much about these temporary setbacks.”

For its part, the New York Post assures that the calls take place in the early hours of the morning in London due to the time change and that Prince Harry and Kate Middleton exchange different points of view about everything that is happening.