The celebrity who saved Drew Barrymore’s life as a child

Drew Barrymore’s life was not that of a normal girl. Not only because he started acting at a very young age and had to deal with fame at a very early age, but drugs and addictions were part of his daily life from his early years.

She began with alcohol when she was eight years old, and attended events and night parties in Hollywood, However, that was just the beginning. At the age of 12, the actress was already addicted to cocaine.

Before she was 14, Drew Barrymore had already entered and listed rehab clinics on several occasions and her employment situation became increasingly untenable with her mother and her manager, Barrymore, pressing and exposing her to everything. kind of situation. Due to this, the young actress was emancipated from the legal custody of her mother.

Among all that darkness and complexity for such a little girl, Drew Barrymore always highlighted the figure of Steven Spielberg, whom she met on the set of E.T. The Alien, becoming his ward.

She even went so far as to describe him as “the only father figure he’s ever had in his life.” For her part, the filmmaker stated during an interview with Vulture that he always felt that he wanted to help her, but he had no way of doing it.

“She stayed up long after her bedtime, she went to places she should only have heard of, and lived a life at a very young age that I think stole her childhood,” he explained to the North American portal. On the other hand, he assured that she “felt powerless because I was not her father. He could only be a kind of counselor for her ”.

With the passing of time managed to put himself together and build a great career full of awards and recognition, both national and international.

The actress referred to everything she experienced when she was little, in her autobiographical book Wildflower, where she recounts everything she had to go through as a child.

However, she assured me that she loves her mother very much: “She could not function without knowing that she is well and taken care of. I am grateful to that woman for having brought me into the world. I don’t hold grudges because I like who I am. And for that, every step of the way was necessary.”