The controversial reason why Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara separated

Sofia Vergara was in a relationship with the Modern Family star in 2005.

Sofia Vergara is one of the most popular Latin artists in the world, and despite having an extensive career in Hollywood, part of her great fame is due to the role of Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family. In addition, she is the owner of unmatched beauty, which has led her to conquer several hearts before finding the love of her life, among them Tom Cruise.

The actor is one of the most coveted men in the film industry. He recently turned 60 but it seems that the passage of time has no effect on him, because he looks radiant, rejuvenated, and with an incredible physical condition worthy of admiration. But, despite that and his great acting talent, he hasn’t done so well for you in love.

Sofia Vergara and Tom Cruise met in 2004, during the filming of the film Four Brothers, in which the actress made an appearance. At that moment, the actor was dazzled by her beauty and did everything possible to re-create a meeting that would allow him to get closer. That’s how they met again at the party organized by Will Smith and his wife after the 2005 Oscars.

After that meeting, the protagonist of Mission Impossible began sending her flowers and chocolates to win her over. The Hollywood stars began a relationship and, according to Andrew Morton in Cruise’s authorized biography, he saw her as his future wife. So much so, that in those pages he says that he organized a dinner with his children to see what the actress was like as her mother.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly between Tom and Sofia, but the well-known fanaticism that the heartthrob has for Scientology ended up ruining the story. The Modern Family star ended that relationship because she couldn’t stand Cruise’s obsession.

As Morron wrote in those pages, Sofía Vergara thought that if she married Tom Cruise she would go “straight to hell.” The truth is that that controversial religious movement of American origin, which promotes introspective knowledge through some alternative techniques, usually generates a lot of rejection and indignation for some of its practices.

The same thing happened to Katie Holmes, who appeared in the actor’s life when he separated from Vergara and ended up becoming his wife and mother of his daughter Suri, whom the movie star did not see again since 2012, the year that the couple divorced.