The darkest day in Ashton Kutcher’s life that marked him for life

Ashton Kutcher’s life has been marked by several events, but one of the darkest happened to him in 2001.

Today, Ashton Kutcher is one of the most recognized actors in the industry, and in addition to being known for his films and television shows such as The 70’s Show, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, and Jobs, among others, he has also became known for the dramas of his private life.

Starting with his talked-about love relationships, from his brief romance with Brittany Murphy to his controversial marriage and subsequent divorce with Demi Moore to his current relationship with Mila Kunis, whom he met in the late 90s and with whom he met. He has been married since 2015, having given birth to 2 children.

Curiously, it was also his love life that brought him one of the worst moments of his life: the murder of his girlfriend in February 2001. On the 21st of that month, the actor was preparing to pick up Ashley Ellerin, a design student. 22-year-old fashionista with whom he had been dating a few weeks ago, to take her to a Grammy party.

At that time, the actor was around 24 years old and was still working on The 70’s Show. That night, he was late to go look for her and tried to contact her to let her know, however, the last message he she had was that she was getting out of the shower and had to dry her hair.

When Kutcher arrived at Ashley’s house, he knocked on the door and called her cell phone and got no answer, leading him to believe that the young woman had stood him up after he was late. When he looked out the window, he saw red stains on the carpet and assumed it was wine, and ended up leaving. What she least imagined was that Ashley was inside her and lifeless, since she had just been stabbed to death.

The young woman’s body was found the next day by his roommate, and she had 47 wounds distributed throughout her body. The main suspect in the case was Michael Gargiulo, a man whom Ashley had met weeks before, but who had begun to develop a dangerous obsession with the young woman, to the point that he stalked and watched her.

Still, the accusations against Gargiulo took years to come, and it was only in 2008 that his arrest was ordered for the murder of, not only Ashley Ellerin but many other women, whom he had killed in the same way. The trial could only be carried out in 2019 when Ashton Kutcher himself came to testify, and where he appeared extremely remorseful and guilty because if he had arrived to search in time, he would perhaps still be alive.

Michael Gargiulo was sentenced to death, but due to a new law that came into effect in California that same year, the execution was canceled. To date, complete justice has not yet been achieved in the case, and this situation ended up completely marking Ashton Kutcher.