The deception with which Paris Hilton silenced Hollywood

The model and lucrative businesswoman made everyone believe that she had started a relationship with one of the most desired actors

The news still resonates on the sets of Hollywood and in the rest of the globe. Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton started a relationship. Although there is an age difference between them, of two decades, love seems to have merged them into that generational communion. They both know they are desired, charismatic, permanent focuses of attention, and, especially, acclaimed by the public on their respective stages.

He is on the big screen and she is in front of the flashes, the catwalks, and show business. But wait, apparently nothing is what it seems. And that Latin couple’s chemistry seems to be a fake.

Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton: The new couple of the moment in Hollywood?
Yes, these are Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton, eternal darlings of the cream of Hollywood. But is the one in the video really Tom Cruise? According to the international press, Paris Hilton has tried to launch a campaign against deception on social networks and it has achieved immediate effect. The one we all thought was Tom Cruise is actually not, but rather the actor Miles Fisher, who through an image effect achieved an incredible resemblance to one of the most famous men in Hollywood.

The real Tom Cruise continues to enjoy the benefits that the highly acclaimed sequel to the legendary Top Gun brought him. Meanwhile, as far as we know, Paris Hilton is still married to Carter Milliken Reum, with whom she married just a few months ago.