The detail that revealed the secret meetings of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

The Colombian singer Shakira and the British driver Lewis Hamilton seem to have secret meetings and, in two different photos, there was a detail that revealed them.

They are details that can expose a situation, but only the most attentive can perceive those details when they are visible to everyone, and the great help that social networks provide makes them more noticeable. That is why the secret meetings of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are on everyone’s lips.

The Colombian singer has already been living on the east coast of the United States for five months, after a turbulent moving process due to the health situation of her father William. But as soon as she settled down, she caused a sensation wherever she went.

He went to see a Miami Heat game in the NBA, but before that, he went to the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. There he had two resonant meetings: the first with Tom Cruise and the second, and apparently more important, with the driver 38-year-old British.

As shared on social networks, Shakira attended a dinner after the race at the Cipriani restaurant, organized by the Mercedes team, and there she met with the runner. She looked stunning in the photo in which they were seen greeting each other. There she started a rumor that, over time, became bigger and bigger.

Now, everything seems to indicate that they have met again more times, and some publications that both made seem to have given them away. She is working on her music, so she uploaded a photo in the studio, and Hamilton also posted one of himself, with some friends in the studio. Will it be the same?

Although the backgrounds of both images are not similar, in Shakira’s you can see a cap very similar to the one Lewis wears, and this further aggravates the idea that the couple is seeing each other hidden from the press.

In these five months, both were found sharing locations a couple of times, such as when they attended the Wimbledon Grand Slam, but a rumor also circulated that they had seen each other three more times in secret.

The story with Gerard Piqué, Sasha and Milan’s father, is well behind her, so Shakira may be taking time to meet a new man, and the British driver Lewis Hamilton seems to be her main interest.