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The Girl Was Acting Strange, So Her Mother Planted Hidden Camera And Captures A Nightmare

The baby girl was acting strange, so her mother planted hidden camera and captures a nightmare back in 2011 whitney and chris welcomed their baby girl rayleigh. The new parents were ecstatic to bring their new daughter home and start their lives as a family of three.

What happened soon after they never saw coming together whitney and chris matney thought everything would be picture perfect when they brought home their newborn. However, once their baby was in the hands of a new nanny, things took a dark turn. Instead of her sweet nature, their baby was acting very strange, but no one understood why, therefore whitney took it upon herself to uncover the truth.

She installed a hidden camera. What she saw on the recording truly shocked her now with a beautiful baby and everything settled whitney planned to finally pursue her dreams. The family resides in the quiet town of springdale Arkansas.

This new mother would finish law school in arkansas at last, though, it would not be easy to leave her new baby in someone else’s hands. Whitney was determined to balance her dreams and family as a working mother.

Unfortunately, what should have been a healthy and smooth transition turned into a living nightmare? However, things didn’t go as planned. Anyone that’s been on a search for a caregiver or nanny service understands the careful process whitney embarked on. She truly took every precaution to make sure her daughter would get the best care she chose not to go through a nanny service so rather than a mysterious nanny service. She wanted to reach out to friends on facebook.

Thus, she felt keeping within a group of known people. She was going with the safest choice. At last. She got a message from an old classmate from high school. The former classmate melissa madema said she would be happy to nanny for her and wanted to meet to discuss the job hearing back from melissa delighted whitney who better than an old classmate, to watch her daughter, of course, whitney had a natural inclination toward melissa over other Candidates since she’d known her before, of course, even if one went with a nanny service, there’s no foolproof way to choose the perfect nanny.

Naturally, some make better first impressions than others yet could still be awful at the job. While some nannies have outstanding recommendations, they could have undergone recent events that caused them to be incompetent or even a potential threat in their job. Actually, there’s one way to cover some of your bases. Experts recommend taking precautionary steps like doing full checks on candidates. Just take child care expert susan takair’s advice to abc news.

You really can’t do too much to confirm that you’re hiring the right person. You need to do a diligent background check and digital digging. Many have heard similar tales of awful nannies nannies that seduced spouses stole from the house hurt the children or even horrifically murdered once in a blue moon. A terrible nanny nightmare story breaks and circulates all over the news. Of course, it’s easy to say not us: parents always respond with horror to these tales, but never truly consider it happening to their family.

Watching these nightmare stories on the news make them seem so foreign and distant. It seems preposterous that anyone could even bring his or herself to committing such violent crimes anyway, with all this in mind, how would whitney feel confident in her nanny choice? Well, she did the best she possibly could. Firstly, she chose a facebook friend. Thus, she could view this person’s online profile.

The next step she took was speaking with melissa’s reference, who provided a wonderful recommendation. Lastly, melissa would come over for a trial run with rayleigh. During this meeting whitney remarked at how well the two seemed to get along. Therefore, whitney trusted herself to hire melissa for months whitney cared for a newborn, so when the big day came to return to law school, she felt a rush of anxiety. Of course, it felt wonderful to be pursuing those long lost dreams of finishing law school.

However, she was sad to leave rayleigh behind for the first time ever to ease her anxiety. She reminded herself she did everything possible to find a suitable caregiver for rayleigh. Well, she wasn’t home when nanny melissa arrived both whitney and husband, chris left home and said goodbye to their baby girl. After returning whitney and chris did not sense, anything was off all seemed normal and when they felt their anxiety subside. Clearly, the nanny did her job because rayleigh seemed fine and the house was in its usual state.

Maybe things would work out, then everything changed that night. It was in the evening that rayleigh began acting very strangely rayleigh began hysterically crying once her mother came into her bedroom. It was as if just the idea of a person coming close petrified the baby watching her daughter react. This way confused, whitney. Perhaps raylee was cranky from exhaustion or maybe she’d caught a cold.

Of course. Whitney was alarmed but thought this may be a passing concern. Yet there was a lurking suspicion that her daughter’s dramatic change in behavior could be linked to the sudden life change, Whitney rationalized.

Thinking that the baby needed to adjust to a stranger’s care and being away from her mom for hours at a time tragically, Whitney did not yet realize that this behavior was trying to alert her to you’ve, probably heard of separation anxiety. This happens when an infant feels overwhelming anxiety with his or her parents, and usually leaves them.

Usually, separation anxiety occurs between the ages of 6 months and up to 10 or even as late as 18 months. Typical signs include the baby grabbing tightly to the parents as well as screaming and crying in a panic, as the parent leaves. Another symptom is also difficulty sleeping. Perhaps this could explain rayleigh’s unusual temperament soon. This syndrome could explain some of her behaviors.

Then something happened to drive whitney away from the idea of routine separation. Anxiety rayleigh began to display odd symptoms that may be linked to melissa. Now. Whitney could no longer make excuses and had to investigate further a major red flag alerted whitney to possible troubling behavior. She noticed that, when melissa arrived, her daughter would cling to her parents and even try to hide behind their legs at first.

She considered – maybe melissa’s presence just made rayleigh aware of her parents impending departure, but it could also mean melissa, frightened her. What was really going on here, since it was about the well-being of the child, whitney was not prepared to take any chances with all the warning signs. She decided to take action in her very own sting style operation. She set up a hidden nanny cam. She placed what looked like a radio clock in her living room inside the clock was a tiny recording device.

She felt prepared to capture any troubling behavior if it was occurring with that she set it up, not knowing the first day the camera was running would be melissa’s final day as their nanny. The camera caught abusive and clearly criminal behavior whitney was horrified and disgusted and in total shock, when whitney first returned home the day she’d run the camera. She was shaking with anxiety, shockingly the clock.

Radio, with the camera which she had placed outwards facing the living room before leaving was now completely turned around it was facing. The wall did her nanny, somehow guess that they chose to secretly record her.

Seeing this whitney ran to her computer to retrieve the footage, that’s when her nightmare came true and she felt sick to her stomach to uncover all the abuse innocent young rayleigh had suffered. All this time, rayleigh had been abused regularly by melissa. Former classmate with amazing references and melissa was now caught on tape perpetrating these horrendous crimes. What whitney discovered was horrific for one. The camcorder showed that melissa left rayleigh in her baby, jumper alone for two long hours.

Despite needing a drink or food, she was stuck in that jumper for hours, while melissa paid no mind oh, but that was only the beginning displayed right in front of the camera. Melissa violently hit rayleigh as she held her in an attempt to silence her cries. The baby continued to scream in fear and pain at this melissa held her at waist level and began shaking the poor baby in circles from side to side until she stopped crying outraged and fearful whitney rushed rayleigh to the emergency room. The doctors performed extensive exams on the infant. Finally, they told her mother that she didn’t sustain any lasting physical injuries.

However, whitney still couldn’t pacify her daughter. Clearly there was psychological harm, but how would her daughter move past this trauma? Although rayleigh was okay right, then this horrible and criminal nanny was still on the loose. Thus whitney took action and reported everything to the police. After talking with the authorities, they decided to ambush melissa if she chose to show up at work again.

The alarming part was that melissa picked up the recording device and after staring into it, she turned it around. Maybe she knew that they were recording her. Perhaps she only guessed it was a camera and wanted to take the precaution. Besides taking actions to ensure her daughter’s health, whitney felt a responsibility to others, she wanted to do everything she could to publicize who this dany truly was to the public. Of course, the last thing whitney would want to hear that melissa took an opportunity to hurt another young child.

Thus she decided to speak out on every channel available to her once she could spread the story through media channels. Everyone would be warned yet. She was still worried. This might not ensure everyone’s safety, naturally there’d be some who may not hear the story despite wide coverage. Also, the real concern here was that melissa could secure another nanny position after being captured in the act.

Therefore, there could be plenty of other child abusers working for families. This deeply troubled whitney whitney was overcome with emotions, hearing that this nanny may have a clean record in the near future. Whitney told reporters the fact that this monster there’s no other way to describe her. You know if this monster can walk around watch other children and have no ramifications at the end of four years. It’S just beyond insane remember.

There was no online registry of past child abusers, but there was an online registry of sex abusers. Thus whitney was inspired to take action, i’m trying to keep other people from being subjected to people who have done this type of thing and had their record expunged. I think that their faces need to be out there, at least for parents. Although this story is heartbreaking, the reality is that it’s happened repeatedly. Sadly, it doesn’t always end up.

So happily, luckily, whitney’s quick actions prevented further tragedy. Others are not so lucky melissa, medema refused to speak with the press about the incident. She told them just to leave her alone. She served her time and when abc news went to her house, she would not provide any comments later on. She contacted the network to say this is melissa.

Medema and you came to my residence this morning. Also, the main takeaway is that all parents must do their homework before hiring a babysitter or nanny. However, even criminal background checks, searches of social media accounts and checking sex offender registries does not always reveal the truth. Whitney’S dedicated to her cause, hoping other mothers, will understand. Even when you think you know someone it’s crucial to take precautionary steps, thanks for reading. See you soon.

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