The ‘Gossip Girl’ wardrobe mistake that came to light eight years later

In the emblematic series where fashion is one more character, an unsuspected and peculiar mistake has been discovered

The iconic Gossip Girl series, one of the favorites of millennials who love fashion and design, continues to give people something to talk about 8 years after it came to an end.

The story starring Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, and Peen Badgley, among others, is a fashion benchmark, and along with S*x and the City, it is considered a “catalog” of fashion outfits. designer and a showcase to show off expensive collections.

A few weeks ago a follower of the series shared on social networks that, after seeing the story again in this quarantine, he discovered that the character played by Blake Lively, Serena Van Der Woodsen, had been wearing sports pants under a dressed as Roland Mouret in one of the scenes, now another peculiar wardrobe error has emerged in the plot of the series that came to an end in 2012.

Fashion and haute couture outfits are the main ingredients of the plot, so haute couture lifestyle enthusiasts pay attention to the smallest detail of the story that tells the life of the Manhattan jet set; but it seems that detail was overlooked and just this 2020 saw the light of social networks, where it went viral.

In addition to captivating audiences with the teen drama and the secrets that an indiscreet blogger, who anonymously and in great detail revealed scandalous aspects of New York high society, the exclusive outfits worn by the cast caused a stir during the years it lasted. the series on the air

Tiaras, sophisticated handbags, designer shoes, the preppy chic style, and luxurious high-end accessories set the trend during the second half of the first decade of the 2000s, where through 6 seasons, Queen S and Queen B shone for their attitude to painting and caused admiration for their spectacular wardrobes.

This time a fan of the series and TikTok user discovered that in a scene from the fifth season, a woman appears with only one shoe and her other foot is completely bare.

And although at first glance all the clothing looks perfect and the setting of the scene is fully coordinated and under control, in the third chapter of the fifth installment of the multiple Kids Choice Award-winning series, titled The Jewel of Denial, where Blair and Dan Humprey go to the fashion show for designer Jenny Packman, the mistake becomes apparent.

In the left corner of the frame of the trendy cocktail scene, there are a woman socializinguests, but she only has one shoe on and the other foot “on tiptoes” to give the impression that she is actually wearing both heels, and it is evident that she is “half barefoot”.

This blunder lasts 6 seconds per frame, so it makes you wonder how no producer or editor might have noticed it at the time, and especially no fan of the series if it’s so obvious. It was not until this period of isolation that the wardrobe error was made public, perhaps because the time devoted to examining series and films is greater.

This is how the tiktoker @triciaerb3 generated a large number of comments on the platform characterized by the dissemination of short videos, generating at the moment more than 27,000 likes and more than 300 comments.