The Hollywood star who slapped Dolores Fonzi

In parallel with Natalie Portman’s 42nd birthday, the Argentine actress recalled the episode that spread around the world.

In the context of Natalie Portman’s 43rd birthday, Argentine colleague Dolores Fonzi once again recalled the tense and peculiar crossing that occurred between the two, after the Star Wars actress traveled to Argentina amid rumors of infidelity on the part of his then partner, Gael García Bernal.

The renowned international actress took an untimely trip to Ezeiza to rebuke the Mexican actor, in what was the prelude to a breakup, after signs of infidelity gained prominence in the media.

Dolores Fonzi herself recalled the moment of the meeting: “The truth is, when she appeared here it seemed exciting to me. This is Natalie Portman, she is a star. I saw it from the place of an actress.”

When referring to the event that led to a slap given by the Israeli actress, who is a naturalized American, Dolores clarified: “What was put together around it was more sc*ndalous than what actually happened. It was horrible that they recorded me and followed me with three cars all day and all night, I felt like they wanted to kidnap me.”

The sc*ndal would end with Fonzi entering into a relationship with García Bernal, with whom they would form a family along with her children Lázaro, 14 years old, and Libertad, who turned 12 on April 4.

The romance between the two lasted seven years, and the actress herself detailed that: “I knew him for a long time and that she (Natalie Portman) did not come to break anything.” Dolores and Gael had coincided professionally in 2001 starring in the drama “Private Lives”, directed by Fito Páez.

Today time passed and everyone continued their course, leaving behind the embarrassing episode where there was no shortage of flashes or microphones. Natalie Portman once again believed in her love as a couple with her current husband, the French dancer Benjamín Miillespied, while Gael García Bernal did the same with the Mexican journalist Fernanda Aragonés.

For her part, Dolores Fonzi continues in a relationship with the director of Argentina in 1985, Santiago Mitre, leaving the conflict with the Hollywood actress as an unpleasant memory.