The image of Sophie Turner kissing another man after her separation from Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner was seen in a very passionate situation on a Spanish beach.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner surprised the entire world after announcing that their seven-year relationship with two daughters together had come to an end. The most shocking thing was that, as it turned out, it happened in the worst possible way.

The couple who began their love story in 2016, at the height of the actress’s splendor for her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, and got married in 2019 managed to attract all the attention of the press. The style of the young artists and how they showed themselves in love meant that all eyes were directed toward them at every event they attended together.

However, inside things were very different. Despite having formed a family of four and with a baby who was only one year old, the differences between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner managed to be irreconcilable. As it turned out, they had different concepts of how to live life and that ended up separating them.

It was the Jonas Brothers singer who filed for divorce and asked to keep custody of his daughters. This was because the actress spent a lot of time partying and enjoying the nightlife, while he preferred to stay at home with his daughters. girls.

Amid this situation, in the last few hours, the first images of Sophie Turner kissing another man on a beach appeared. But far from it being a new romance, it has to do with her new work project.

The actress is filming the film Joan in Spain, which led her to kiss in a very passionate way with her partner Frank Dillane, who plays her partner in the film. But a detail that did not go unnoticed was that despite living a difficult personal present, the former Game of Thrones actress seemed very happy at all times and had a smile on her face.