Story Time

The miner always fed the wild rat but never imagined that one day it would save his LIFE!!

The story you will see below happened in Russia back in the 70s. It is a fact that will undoubtedly Mark your heart and will surely make you reflect. Russia is a huge country. Its landscapes seem to come out of a fairy tale. It is a wooded and mounted mountainous country.

Inside you can find the most beautiful creatures on the planet. However, one thing must be remembered. People are just like us, some bad and some good. Yes, human beings are all the same. The only thing that changes is skin color and other things that are not relevant.

It was July 8, 1970 in the city of Chelyabinsk in southeastern Siberia. A group of men were cleaning an old mine and while doing that work, they found a nest of wild rats. There lay the mother and her babies. Perhaps the best thing to do would have been to take them somewhere else and let them free, or simply not to disturb them and continue with the work. However, the people did not think of that and killed the poor animals.

Only one had been left alive and it was thanks to a man who rescued him, who was known only by his last name, Mitres. His colleagues looked at him strangely, but the man felt sorry that they killed all the others. Maybe he would have saved them, but as he was a little late, he only managed to rescue one. It was small and slow moving. It was unlikely to survive.

Mitress made him a small shelter next to him. You see, usually miners always stay inside the mine for several days, weeks or even months until they finish their work. So the man fed the little boy with the milk he was given at work by means of a plate and eventually he gave him another kind of food. And believe it or not, that rat grew big, healthy and somehow got used to the miner. Thus it received the name of Jeremy.

Jeremy soon became part of the workers and they even had their own ration loved butter as well as fresh bread. She won the hearts of some of the workers and together they spent hours inside the mine. In fact, the last time they closed the mine was before World War II and they reopened it to take out all the remaining coal that was left. There was a good amount inside. However, the workers were unaware that there was something very dangerous hiding inside.

And the only one who perhaps knew about this was the rat, Yerema for on several occasions he behaved restlessly, but no one seemed to understand. And after a few days the danger presented itself. It turns out that the methane gas from the coal had accumulated to a maximum point that exploded.

The mine collapsed almost its entire length, blocking the way to the only exit, which was 200 meters away. Some miners managed to get out and others, unfortunately, did not survive.

Miraculously, the only ones still alive were Mitress and five other workers, all of whom were euphoric and in shock. They even began to plan how they could get out. But then the anguish for survival had grown. As they had very little food and water supply. The rescuers would need at least a month to be able to reach the miners.

Remember, it was the 1970s, and at that time people did not have many implements for a rescue. They only had a few diggers and shovels. In the meantime, the six trapped miners were depressed. Suddenly, in the darkness appeared bright and small eyes. They shone like a flashlight.

Yarima lay in front of them, and suddenly it raised its front paws, then turned around, ran a little, and again turned towards the miners with its two paws up and did so three more times. Maybe it’s calling us, suggested one of the miners. There’s nothing to be done. We must follow him. The rat, realizing that the men were following him, no longer turned toward them, but only climbed over some rocks and squeezed through them.

The miners behind him did the same. Luckily, there was just enough space to get between the stones, so they reached what appeared to be another cave. Then they entered and advanced 5 meters, when suddenly they noticed that the explosion had ruined the ceiling and walls, and there was only a very small corridor to enter. Yerema went through there, and the men had no choice but to follow him. But all of them.

This time they were crawling. Since there was no room to stand up, the rat waited for them all to squeeze through the corridor and then kept running ahead of them. Yes, there were six miners crawling behind him. Finally, after advancing several meters, the men realized that there was a large Boulder like wall in front of them, preventing them from moving forward.

Apparently Jeremy led us into a dead end, said one of the men, who in turn advised his colleagues to return to where they were or look for another way out.

Mitress just looked at his dear friend Jeremy in Bewilderment. Then they all started back. They were crawling backwards, as there was no room even to turn around. Then Jeremy, seeing everyone coming back, jumped up and grabbed Mitra’s leg. A bit of tarp of his pants and Mitra began to bleed.

The rat was hanging from him. The man screamed in pain, but Jeremy would not let him go back. One of the miners said, Maybe this is the only way out. There was a great silence, and everyone suddenly stood in front of that big rock, thinking how to get out. Mitra began to pick at it with a hammer, and soon that tool would begin to Pierce the rock.

Yarma immediately let go of Mitress and stood beside him. Two of the skinnier ones were sent back for more tools. Hours after hours, they worked with all the Hammers they had, pounding hard. No one remembers how long they stood there pounding and pounding. Some rested while others worked, and so on.

Suddenly all the food was gone. But not only that, also the flashlight batteries had run out, so they had no choice but to pound in the dark. They were exhausted because they worked like machines. Some even lost faith, but others kept going. Suddenly, Mitress gave a hammer blow with all his strength to the rock and it flew into the void.

Yes, a big hole lay in front of him. At last they had found the exit. The air could circulate better. Everyone was amazed, totally disheveled, exhausted and alive. They had reached what appeared to be a neighboring abandoned mine.

It turned out that they had drilled through 20 meters of rock in a week. While rescuers, on the other hand, were trying to search for human life, they had come out. On the other hand, Mitress made it home alive, but not only him, but also the other workers. And all thanks to Yarima. In fact, Mitrus did not leave Jeremy alone and took him home.

Likewise, Yerema had his own space. And every morning Mitris or his wife changed his water, gave him delicious butter and above all, his fresh bread. But unfortunately, life ends and one day Yerema was found lifeless. Everything indicated that it was due to old age. He was buried in a box made of wood and all the saved miners went to say their last goodbye.

In addition, they put a statue on his grave and an inscription. 25 people. Thank you. That is the number of people who lived at that time in the family of the six rescued minors. This is an amazing story and thanks to technology today Jeremy’s heroic act is known in this part of the world.

But what do you think there is another little hero who will also surprise you. This other fact happened in Romania, in the county of Bacau. More specifically in the mine of Joseph Rodder. To this day, this fact circulates among the miners around there. It was the year 1952.

Petro Uncescu was working in the mine. It was his first time as an employee of that place. Actually, everything was new to him. When it was time for all the workers to eat, a rat had approached him. The man did not like this type of animal and whenever he looked at it, he chased it away.

The rat logically got scared and hid. The next day, while he was eating, the same thing happened again. The rat approached him. It was strange because there were other men eating and only he was bothered. One day, perhaps tired of this little animal bothering him, he scared him with a stone and did not see the rat again in the following days.

However, after a few weeks while he was sleeping, he felt something walking on his legs. Then he woke up and saw the same rat bothering him. He didn’t like that at all. And again he picked up a small stone and threw it at it. The rat ran away but when he went back to sleep he felt a big bite on his fingers.

It was not painful but unpleasant. It did not let him sleep. Petro got up and this time he chased the rat wanting to catch it but he did not succeed. And when he wanted to return to his place to continue sleeping he saw with horror what was happening. A large rock from the ceiling had fallen right where his bed was and it was completely crushed.

After this incident, when Petra returned for dinner, the same rat approached him and in gratitude for saving him, gave him a third of his lunch. Every day Petro found a new friend and always took it upon himself to tell his story to his classmates. This is Christina, my savior. He assured that he can never forget what she did for him without a doubt. Sometimes miracles have names.

One Jeremy and the other Christina. And the fact is that animals often turn out to be better than us.