The movie that Natalie Portman refused to direct in Hollywood

The prestigious actress was requested to direct a film but she preferred to be one of the protagonists.

Born 42 years ago in Israel, Natalie Portman is today one of the most important figures in the American industry, recognized throughout the world and multi-awarded for her great works.

Her figure became known when she was still a child, with her participation in the film The Perfect Assassin. There, she plays a girl who flees her troubled home after approaching a mysterious and kind man, who turns out to be none other than a hitman. At 13 years old, she showed that she had a meteoric career ahead of her.

From there, her performances became better and better. From Padmé in the Star Wars trilogy, a cameo in Zoolander, and the shocking V for Vendetta, Portman established herself as one of the best actresses in the world, until she won the Oscar for Best Actress for Black Swan.

But she did not plan to end there, since, apart from graduating as a psychologist, she was encouraged to pursue management. First, in a short film in New York short film, I Love You. Then, with the film A Story of Love and Darkness, her debut feature. This is how, approximately a year ago, the script for a recent premiere was proposed to her, so that she could direct it herself.

Natalie loved the script, but she surprisingly declined to direct it. This is May-December, the drama in which she plays an actress who is going to spend time with a media figure (Julianne Moore), to prepare for her next role. Within the family, her presence will unburden the family and unmask terrible secrets.

Seeing what lay ahead, Portman preferred to dedicate herself fully to her role as an actress, in which she will once again carry out a challenging role, and handed over the role as director to Todd Haynes, who was finally the one behind camera. The American director already knows what it’s like to carry out dramas with many figures, after the success of Carol, in 2015.

May December premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May of this year. A few months ago, Netflix acquired the rights to the film for which it paid 11 million dollars. It still does not have an official release date.