The pilot fell asleep after turning on the autopilot, and then what happened

The incident occurred on the Boeing 737-800 ET-343 flight from Sudan’s Khartoum Airport to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

It can be seen that the Boeing 737-800 ET-343 aircraft is not landing at Addis Ababa. Again the speed is not decreasing. As a result, the airport staff panicked. Later it was found that the two pilots had fallen asleep with the aircraft’s automatic system.

It is known that after departure from Khartoum, the two drivers activated the autopilot system in the plane. But the drivers were so tired during the long flight that the two fell asleep in their seats.

As a result, even after reaching the destination, they did not wake up. Even after giving the landing signal from the airport, the plane did not come toward the runway. They were circling at an altitude of about 37,000 feet. Despite repeated attempts to contact the ATF, the drivers did not respond. Later the automatic system of the plane stopped and the alarm started sounding loud. That woke up the drivers.

Meanwhile, as the incident came to light, the pressure on “Ethiopian Airlines”, one of the largest air transport companies in Africa, increased. Many claims that immediate action should be taken against these drivers.