The reason why Megan Fox stopped acting in Hollywood

In 2009, due to both personal and professional reasons, Megan Fox began to distance herself from the big Hollywood scene.

Controversial and irreverent, Megan Fox continues acting, but she has been away from Hollywood and the big film industry for years. On this occasion, we share the reasons that explain this and we tell you which are the latest films that have her as a participant.

When the first installment of the Transformers saga hit theaters around the world, many were shocked not by the film itself, but by the beauty of Megan Fox, the actress who brings Mikaela Banes’ character to life. From then on, everything seemed to indicate that the career of the American artist born in 1986 would take off to global stardom. However, a series of circumstances that occurred years later would cause this woman, to stay halfway.

The first thing to say is that Fox herself had a series of unfortunate comments towards the production of the saga, especially towards the director Michael Bay, whom she accused of being abusive and even compared to Adolf Hitler. Bay, with the support of Steven Spielberg, producer of the saga, fired her immediately and it was from then on that Megan began to distance herself more and more from Hollywood and big projects.

It could be said that her desire was not to stop acting. Instead, it happened that Fox began to be seen as a controversial and conflictive actress, with fewer and fewer people wanting to work with her.

Megan Fox’s personal motives and her latest film projects
To all this, we must also take into account that Fox itself had its own reasons for moving away from the large film industry. As she commented a few years ago in an interview, all the criticism received from her and the pressure from the Hollywood world led her to have what in her words was “a psychological breakdown.”

This happened around 2009, more specifically after the premiere of Jennifer’s Body, a film directed by Karyn Kusama. It was then that Megan Fox decided to move away from Hollywood and the media scene to “heal” and be okay with herself.

Even so, during the years that followed she continued adding projects to her already extensive career. Some of the latest films in which she worked are A Dog’s Mind (2020), Until Death (2021), and Midnight in Switchgrass, a film in which she shares a cast with Bruce Willis and also with her current partner, Machine Gun Kelly.

It could be said that little by little, Megan Fox is recovering the popularity that she knew how to have at the time. Proof of this is found in the fact that, in 2022, she participated in Big Gold Brick, a film in which she worked alongside the renowned Andy García and Oscar Isaac.