The reason why Salma Hayek hit Ryan Reynolds twice

Salma Hayek is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, and the same could be said of Ryan Reynolds, who excels in the comedy and action genre. On one occasion, the actors shared a cast and the Mexican actress did not hesitate to hit him twice.

If we think of comedic actors who succeed in Hollywood and who have earned the affection of the entire public, Ryan Reynolds definitely comes to mind. The 46-year-old actor has been standing out in the comedy and action genre for several years with films such as Deadpool, Free Guy: Taking Control, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, and The Adam Project, among many others.

Among the action and comedy films that he starred in is The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which was released in 2017 and which, in addition to starring the actor, had Samuel Jackson, Gary Oldman, and Salma Hayek. in its cast. It followed a prestigious bodyguard who must protect a dictator’s hired assassin.

Caring Hard became a box office success, and a sequel, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, was soon confirmed. This premiered in 2021 and Salma Hayek went on to occupy one of the main roles in it, where she joins the crazy adventures of her husband and her bodyguard.

Because her role was more important in this film, Salma Hayek had to share many scenes with Ryan Reynolds, many of them comic but also a good amount of action. In several of them, we can see her characters arguing or suffering all kinds of setbacks, and in one of them, Salma’s character hits Reynolds’ character.

Curiously, the actor revealed that the actress’ blows were quite strong and that they scared him while filming. “In Hard to Care 2, Salma Hayek hits me twice in the face while Samuel L. Jackson only does it once,” the Deadpool actor confessed, adding that the Mexican woman’s beatings were some of the harshest he received in a film set.

Furthermore, the actress revealed that one of the times she hit him, she did it in a place on his face that she was not supposed to touch. “I was allowed to hit Reynolds anywhere on his face except for a small area. They asked me to avoid glasses and I was so focused on hitting the right place that I ended up hitting the only place I shouldn’t have,” Salma confessed with a laugh.

The actress’ blows may have been unintentional, but Ryan Reynolds felt scarred for life. Even so, this did not affect the relationship between the two during filming, as the actor took it lightly and they continued joking and having a great time on screen. At the moment they have not worked together again, but if they do, the actor will likely want to avoid receiving any type of blow.