The romantic love story of Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz began their romance amid controversy in the early 2000s.

Although Tom Cruise is known for two famous marriages, that of Nicole Kidman and that of Katie Holmes, both mothers of his children, in the past, he also had an important love story with Penelope Cruz that marked him forever.

The Mission Impossible actor and the actress were one of the most beloved couples of the early 2000s. They met while filming the movie Vanilla Sky, that same year, and soon began dating. It seems that as in many other cases, the chemistry between them crossed the screen.

Although they didn’t whitewash the relationship right away, there came a time when Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz had to shout from the rooftops that they were in love. That generated a lot of controversy given that the actor had just divorced Nicole Kidman. According to what they say, he did not wait two months from when he signed to show himself hand in hand with his new partner.

That romance lasted only three years, and they lived most passionately. On more than one occasion they referred to the bond they had and could not stop highlighting how in love they were. It is for this reason that the real reason why they broke up was never known.

According to some sources close to Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, it was the distance, the work commitments that always found them in different countries, and the setbacks that made them make the decision, always on good terms. It is for this reason that to this day, the actors remain good friends.

Soon the Hollywood heartthrob met Katie Holmes and married her. Although it took a little longer for the Spanish woman to find love again, she did so with Javier Bardem, who to this day continues to be her husband and father of her two children.