The secret of Donald Trump’s hair, a hair transplant

Donald Trump’s hair, its consistency, its color, and the strange way it crowns his head have been the subject of theories, conspiracies, and, of course, jokes of all kinds.

Presidents, leaders, and other personalities from high political spheres remain in the spotlight of public opinion even after the end of their functions. But, in addition to his “professional” setbacks, aspects of his private life also become topics of interest and a reason for comments and criticism.

Just say one name, Donald Trump, to prove this theory. Since he arrived at the White House in 2017, the current president of the United States has woken up every morning to at least one headline in the media with his stamp. And not precisely because of his management of the country (although also). His outbursts and his peculiarities have not left anyone indifferent and, even today, the investigations surrounding his person remain unresolved.

His hair, its consistency, its color, and the strange way in which it crowns his head have been the subject of theories, conspiracies, and of course, jokes of all kinds. But what’s really behind Donald Trump’s hair? Is it a wig or has the US president undergone a hair transplant?

The only possible explanation for Donald Trump’s “real” hair
The current president of the United States has never had a problem when it comes to talking about the appearance of other public figures. But when asked about his current hair, Trump bursts out laughing and says: “My hair is real.” Although he has tried to demonstrate this in various media appearances, doubts remain as to whether it is a hairpiece or whether he has undergone some kind of treatment.

In this case, it is best to consult the opinion and objective analysis of professionals. And, to this end, we have spoken with the hair transplant specialists at Clinicana, one of the famous centers that has allowed Turkey to become the world capital of quality hair graft interventions. After an exhaustive analysis of different recent images, doctors at the clinic located in Istanbul assure that there is no evidence to show that Donald Trump has undergone a hair treatment of these characteristics.

The explanation is simple: the growth pattern and location of the American president’s hairline do not correspond to those normally obtained after a transplant. Furthermore, his hair is dense in the front and apparently very resistant, although its color and consistency do reveal the roots of the locks.

But, if Donald Trump has not undergone a hair transplant, why does he have such a peculiar and implausible appearance? According to one of the members of his own medical team, due to the side effects of consuming Finasteride. This is one of the medications legally approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration, the North American agency responsible for regulating food and drugs) for the prevention and treatment of hair loss. But Trump uses it to control and reduce prostate cancer markers. Two benefits for the price of a single medicine.

Beyond all the gossip and ridicule that can be read on the internet, this explanation for the use of Finasteride seems to banish, forever, the possibility of hair transplant as the true origin of Donald Trump’s hair.