The secrets of the love story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed

The book ‘Finding Freedom’ says that Henry of England took the first step in their relationship thanks to a funny WhatsApp emoticon and Meghan Markle was one of the few who followed the prince’s private Instagram account.

Little by little, more details of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship are becoming known thanks to the advances that are being published in the unauthorized biography Finding Freedom, which will go on sale on August 11. From the coldness with which Kate Middleton welcomed her now sister-in-law – always according to the version of the authors, the correspondents of the British royal house Omid Scobie and Carolyn -, to the comment of one of the oldest members of the royal family, who described the former actress as “Henry’s showgirl.” In addition to the difficulties they had to face when they were still members of the British crown, the book reveals details of their love story.

The couple met on a blind date in the summer of 2016, a fact that was already known. However, Scobie and Durand have shared the testimony of a friend of Charles of England’s son who claims that he fell in love with Markle as soon as he saw her: “Meghan was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in her life.” In that first meeting organized by the designer Misha Nonoo at the Dean Street Townhouse restaurant in Soho House in London, they were not alone, but both were immersed “in their own little world,” as indicated by the same friend.

The one who was clearest from the beginning that he wanted to continue getting to know the other was Enrique from England, who had already noticed the interpreter thanks to his participation in the series Suits. He asked for her phone number and that same night he wrote her several WhatsApp messages to show that he was interested in her. The closest friends of Elizabeth II’s grandson know that he always uses emoticons, especially the ghost one, which he did not hesitate to use to talk to Markle. “His messages are usually short and full of emojis, particularly the ghost one, which is the one he uses instead of the typical smiling face,” explain the authors of the book, adding that the current Duchess of Sussex found it amusing. that gesture: “Why are you doing this? Nobody knows. But the fact is that Meghan found this custom funny and adorable.” And she agreed to a second date. A meeting they held the next day, this time alone.

“Almost immediately they were obsessed with each other. It was as if Enrique was in a trance,” a source close to journalists explained about those first meetings. A few days later, the actress followed the private Instagram account of her future husband. The name was @SpikeyMau5, a combination of her nickname “Spike”, the code name for Scotland Yard bodyguards, and one of her favorite DJs, Deadmau5; She also had a mouse-shaped helmet as a profile image. A name similar to that on her Facebook profile, Spike Wells, where she said she was from Botswana, a place that is like a second home for the prince and important in her relationship with Markle. Six months after their first meeting, they traveled to Africa on a five-day getaway, which Enrique from England spoke about during the announcement of her engagement in 2017: “I tried to convince her to come with me to Botswana. And we camped together under the stars. It was absolutely fantastic. “We were really alone, which was crucial for me to make sure we had the opportunity to get to know each other.” Even the former interpreter’s engagement ring contains a diamond from this African country.

The book has not only shaken the foundations of Buckingham Palace but it has also not pleased Markle’s family. Her father, Thomas Markle, with whom she is not related, told the British newspaper The Sun a few days ago: “I love Meghan… but I don’t appreciate what she has become.” After reading the excerpts from the book that have come to light and that claim that his father ignored Markle’s messages before her wedding to the youngest son of Charles of England, one of his stepbrothers, Thomas Markle Jr., has insisted that Her father “had no news from Meghan” before her wedding to Prince Harry. “Our father wasn’t even in his house. He was in the hospital and his phone was turned off. That’s why he didn’t respond, there’s no way he could have. Our father called her many times before the wedding, but he was ignored. The Palace told Meghan and Harry to send help for my father so he could deal with the press, but they refused. “Meghan herself said she didn’t,” he explained.